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Dino Nocivelli


Dino is an experienced child sexual abuse claims lawyer

Abuse claims Human rights

Dino is a partner in the abuse department at Leigh Day and joined the firm in 2022.

Dino specialises in actions for child sexual abuse survivors and has recognised expertise in the following:

  • Abuse in football and a number of other sports
  • Abuse within religious institutions, especially the Catholic Church and the Church of England
  • Abuse in the Scout Association
  • Abuse in the military
  • Abuse in private schools and state schools
  • Abuse in youth clubs
  • Abuse abroad
  • Abuse in the family and directly against individuals who have taken advantage of their position of authority

Dino has appeared in a significant number of media publications providing his expert opinion and commentary, to include the BBC News and Radio, ITV, LBC Radio and a number of national and local newspapers to include articles for the Guardian and the Times. Dino has provided his expert opinion to a number of international media outlets and he also regularly provides external training sessions on child abuse law and conducts numerous charity talks every year. He has also provided comments for documentaries and books on a range of issues.

He has provided evidence to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and has been asked to comment extensively upon the Inquiry by a number of national newspapers and other media outlets.

Dino has been recognised by the Legal 500 as a leading lawyer in the field of child sexual abuse cases, and in 2022 the following was noted:

'Dino Nocivelli has worked with my organisation for many years, I have always found him to be kind, empathic, patient and knowledgeable. He is passionate about the work he does and the outcome for our clients. He wants to make the world a better, safer place for vulnerable people.’

Dino is a member of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers. He is an ambassador for the Survivors Trust and Kyniska.

Dino has campaigned and continues to campaign to change the law on numerous matters, to include:

  • Mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse offences
  • Extending offences by those in positions of trust to include sport coaches, and continuing to campaign so that they include activities such as acting, ballet and wrestling
  • Double jeopardy for indecent assault
  • Removing titles for convicted peers
  • Ending the use of NDAs in abuse cases.

What people say

"Dino Nocivelli dealt with our case very sensitively. From the start, he explained everything clearly, kept us up to date with progress and always listened and answered any questions or concerns along the way." J Reynolds via Trustpilot.

"Dino Nocivelli and his team supported our daughter through a very challenging case. He listened, was kind and was sensitive to our needs. It took some time but with Dino's experience and persistence a positive outcome was reached. I would highly recommend Leigh Day and Dino and would like to thank them for their support over the last year." Customer via TrustPilot.

What clients say

Throughout, Dino was clear with instructions and plans for the case and always ensured I knew where to go with any questions. He and his team kept up regular contact with me and were genuinely very kind and sincere throughout. When going through a process like this, it’s important to feel safe and have trust and I can truly say that Dino and his team ensured my safety and maintained my trust from start to finish.

Michelle via Trustpilot

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What clients say

I was passed Dino's details from another of his clients to help me get justice. From the very first phone conversation, to the last email, he's been nothing but polite, friendly, helpful, professional & made it clear he actually believes in me, when no one else did. I'll be forever grateful.

Nikki via Trustpilot

Dino Nocivelli in the news

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Former dancer settles first body shaming legal case in ballet and dance

The first legal case claiming body shaming abuse in ballet has been settled on behalf of a former dancer who developed body dysmorphia after attending an independent performing arts boarding school. 

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Former pupil settles his case for child sexual abuse by teacher at Malsis School

A former pupil has settled their case for sexual abuse as a child by his former teacher and rugby coach, Peter Holmes, at Malsis School.

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Former Sutton Valence School pupil settles claim for sexual abuse by teacher

A man who reported being sexually abused in the 1980s by Kent teacher and school chaplain, Rev David Barnes, has settled his legal claim against prestigious Sutton Valence boarding school who have agreed to offer an apology.

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Woman settles case against her father who sexually abused her as a child

A woman has settled her legal case against her father for the years of sexual abuse he inflicted on her when she was aged between four and ten years old.