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Season 1

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Dave Neita Dawn Butler Richard Meeran
Windrush Human rights

Episode 1 - The Windrush scandal: the fallout from a toxic policy

Listen to our podcast on the Windrush scandal

Roadpeace podcast
Road traffic collisions Personal injury

Episode 2 - There’s no such thing as a traffic accident

Sally Moore and Cynthia Barlow discuss how victims of a road traffic crime should be treated as victims of crime, and their families given more support and information.

SIA podcast
Spinal injury Personal injury Brain injury

Episode 3 - The OMG test and why ‘care must be fair’

In this episode Dan Burden discusses the SIA’s fight against the injustice of budget cuts capping injured people’s Continuing Health Care packages with Daniel Easton, a partner in the personal injury team at Leigh Day.

Andy VD podcast
Fire Appliances Personal injury

Episode 5 - The greatest threat in your home is plugged into your wall

What can you do to ensure your home is safe and what is being done to force manufacturers to ensure all appliances are safe before they reach the salesroom floor?

Richard Coles LGBT podcast
Human rights

Episode 6 - LGBT+ rights, the Church, the law and everything else

Listen to our podcast on the LGBT Rights and the Church

Maya Foa
Human rights Torture

Episode 4 - Sorry is not enough

Leigh Day Partner Sapna Malik discusses with Maya Foa and Cori Crider from the human rights charity Reprieve why even in the fields of counter-terrorism and international relations, there are certain lines which must not be crossed.