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Event / Webinar / 10 November 2022
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The Game is Up on the risks in the virtual world

Freedom From Abuse and Leigh Day present a conference that looks at online abuse with contributions from experts across research, legal, regulatory and online safety perspectives.

Event / Conference / 06 October 2022
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Women’s Rights in Healthcare

Women’s Rights in Healthcare Conference 2022: Discrimination and Inequality in Women’s Healthcare

We are delighted to have hosted our 5th Women’s Rights in Healthcare conference, which focused on discrimination and inequality in women’s healthcare.

Event / Webinar / 28 September 2022
Is Sport Safe Stamping Out Abuse In Sport
Abuse claims

Is Sport Safe? Stamping out abuse in sport

A webinar on the issue of abuse and the changes that are needed.

Event / Webinar / 07 October 2021
Womens Rights In Healthcare

Women's Rights in Healthcare

Sheena Vadukul

Senior Events & Engagement Executive

Sheena oversees internal and external events across all Leigh Day offices.

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