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Personal injury

Fatal injuries from accidents at work - HSE's 2017 statistics

Personal injury lawyer Ross Whalley analyses the Health and Safety Executive's recent publication reporting the number of fatal accidents at work in 2016/17. 

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Abuse International

The exportation of child sex offenders must stop - could removal of passports be the answer?

As Ireland considers cancelling passports of sex offenders, international abuse solicitor Rebekah Read stresses the need for the UK to consider ways to curb sex tourism  

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Polar Bear
Climate change

Climate change litigation – too hot to handle?

Jonny Buckley discusses the latest climate change lawsuits in the US and the barriers to litigating such claims in the UK courts

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The tip of the iceberg - the sad reality of peer-on-peer abuse in schools

Last night's Panorama programme highlighted the stark reality of peer-on-peer sexual abuse within our school system. Andrew Lord, solicitor within the abuse team at Leigh Day, considers what more can be done to protect pupils from coming to harm.

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Large Picture Mau Mau Not For Web
International mau mau Kenya

The Mau Mau case - five years on

Five years ago this month, on 5 October 2012, a historic judgment was published in Mutua & Others v Foreign and Commonwealth Office; otherwise known as the “Mau Mau case”. Alex Wessely discusses the case and what made it so unique.

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Birth injury claims Cerebral palsy Clinical negligence

World Cerebral Palsy Day - what is cerebral palsy and how can we help?

Today is World Cerebral Palsy Day, a global occasion to raise awareness of cerebral palsy, gather support for those with cerebral palsy and promote an understanding of their needs. Clinical negligence solicitors Sanja Strkljevic and Kriya Amin explain what cerebral palsy is and how the clinical negligence team can help.

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The Rise of the Robotic Workforce

Kiran Daurka and Yavnik Ganguly, of Leigh Day's employment law team, examine the possible implications of advances in robotics and artificial intelligence on the future workforce.

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What to do if medical treatment goes wrong

Emmalene Bushnell discusses the options available if medical treatment goes wrong and patients are left seriously injured

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Modern Slavery: alive and well in the UK

Employment law solicitor Liana Wood discusses modern slavery and what can be done about its increasing prevalence, following figures recently published by the National Crime Agency.

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What is an air embolism and how can it cause harm to patients?

Suzanne White, medical negligence partner, discusses the fatal dangers of air emboli and how the risk they pose can be reduced.

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Brain injury Spinal injury

The change of the discount rate and the impact on brain and spinal injury cases

Suzanne White discusses the impact of the discount rate on brain and spinal injury cases

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Cadet abuse scandal: how past institutional failings reinforce the current need for mandatory reporting legislation

Andrew Lord discusses the recent Panorama investigation into sexual abuse within the cadet forces from his perspective as both an abuse solicitor and a former Sea Cadet.

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