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Blind justice
Human rights day International

Do companies’ stated human rights commitments play any role in holding them to account?

Following this year’s International Human Rights Day, Katharina Theil, Ella Kennedy and Danny Holroyde, from the international department, look at the interplay between companies’ stated human rights commitments and accountability for corporate human rights abuse overseas.

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Amazon Courier
Gig Economy Worker status Workers' rights Employment rights

Scrooge lives on in the gig economy

The spirit of Scrooge lives on as many employers in the gig economy continue to deny their workers’ fair pay.

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Royal Courts Of Justice

The Impact of Brexit on Access to Justice in Business and Human Rights Multijurisdictional disputes

Alex Wessely and Liberty Bridge discuss the situation now that, post-Brexit, victims of alleged corporate abuse due to the actions of UK-domiciled multinationals no longer have the automatic right to bring their cases in the UK

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Women In Sport
Human rights Abuse

Ambassador for Survivors Trust and Kyniska

Dino Nocivelli update on his ambassador roles for organisations working to prevent abuse and to help those who are survivors of abuse

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Queue on bridge
Group claims Diesel emissions claims

Euro 7 – Has nothing been learned from Dieselgate?

Hannah Donnelly and Claire Powell discuss the release of the Euro 7 proposal, and the European Commission’s missed opportunity to implement stricter emissions standards, and improve the air quality in our towns and cities.

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football human rights World Cup

The 2022 Men’s World Cup – it is not enough to pay lip service to human rights in Qatar

Sarah Gibbons, Richard Meeran and Harminder Bains discuss the many criticisms of the World Cup host state of Qatar in the context of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the lack of significant action to affect meaningful change in the host state.

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Women Cycling
Cycling Personal injury

Road Safety Week 2022: Road policing

Cycling solicitor, Jane Bedford, at Leigh Day considers the future of road policing during Road Safety Week.

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Car steering wheel
Cycling Personal injury Road safety

Road Safety Week 2022: Motoring offence sentencing

During road safety week, solicitor William Broadbent discusses the argument of “exceptional hardship” and its impact on sentencing.

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Personal injury British Cycling Cycling claims

Road Safety Week 2022: Road maintenance

This Road Safety Week 2022, solicitor Rory McCarron discusses road surface maintenance, and how councils are developing to prevent cycling accidents and how cyclists can help each other

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Autumn Cycling
Personal injury British Cycling Cycling claims

Road Safety Week 2022: Speed limits

Cycling solicitor Philip Lee considers the need for a review of speed limits, particularly on country roads, during Road Safety Week.

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Heathrow Plane
Travel Personal injury

Recognition of psychological injury in air travel under the Montreal Convention

Caitlin Dunn considers the implications of a recent Court of Justice of the European Union ruling on psychological injury in an aircraft under Article 17(1) of the Montreal Convention.

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Stade de France
Stade de France

“Never again will I entrust my safety to UEFA” - first-hand account of the 2022 Champions League Final