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Consumer, competition and financial services claims

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Consumers should be able to buy products or services – be that a car, mobile phone, electricity, gas or water, or financial products and services - in confidence.

But if things go wrong you may have a claim. 

Leigh Day’s specialist solicitors and lawyers have expert knowledge of consumer protection laws, the rules and laws governing financial services and products and UK competition rules, and are bringing claims on behalf of a wide range of ordinary consumers and investors/shareholders against those that abuse consumers’ rights.

Not only do our cases help to protect individuals by obtaining compensation where they have suffered harm, but they also drive industry wide change, and confront the important issues of the day. Our ground-breaking cases help make firms realise that treating consumers poorly, abusing the disadvantaged, misrepresenting a product or service, or polluting our planet and harming the environment doesn’t pay.

Band 1 - Group litigation: claimant

Leigh Day has a longstanding reputation as one of the leading claimant firms in the UK market, with notable experience handling group litigation.

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Experience in collective redress

As well as acting for individuals, where many hundreds or thousands of individual consumers are facing the same type of abuse of their consumer rights, or are overpaying for products due to firms breaching competition rules, the team has significant expertise in bringing collective or group claims against even the very largest of defendants.

Today, Leigh Day are at the forefront of some of the largest, high-value consumer group actions in the English courts, representing over two hundred thousand individual clients.

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Competition law class actions

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Financial services, mis-selling and shareholder claims

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Vehicle Emissions

Claim against: Skoda SEAT Porsche Volkswagen Audi Ford Volvo

Is your car doing more damage to the environment than you think? Uncover the truth about your car’s emissions. Don’t let them get away with it.

Band 1 - Product liability

They have particular expertise in large scale group litigation and high profile inquests. They represent individuals injured, killed or affected by products including electrical appliances, vehicles, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food products, toys, financial services, and in clinical trials.

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The Consumer, competition and financial services team’s work includes:

  • The consumer law team is working to get compensation for consumers affected by the diesel emissions scandal, following allegations that various vehicle manufacturers fitted 'defeat' devices to their diesel vehicles to cheat the EU and UK emissions laws, causing harm to consumers and to the environment. Our team successfully settled the first VW emissions claim, resulting in a £193 million settlement with Volkswagen.
  • The financial services team is bringing a group claim on behalf of thousands of victims of the Woodford Equity Income Fund’s collapse, relating to alleged mismanagement of the fund and breaches of the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules.
  • The competition team is bringing cases on behalf of millions of consumers who end up paying more than they should because large firms abuse the rules and do not compete fairly or work with other firms to avoid fair competition.

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Leigh Day is superb and the most responsive firm I've ever used. The team are incredibly detail-oriented and I immediately felt in safe hands with them.

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Sewage Into River
Competition law International

Litigation funding secured for opt-out competition claims against UK water and sewerage companies

Leigh Day has secured, on behalf of its client Professor Carolyn Roberts, a significant funding package from legal finance experts, Bench Walk.

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Volkswagen Diesel emissions claims

£193 million Volkswagen dieselgate settlement – further statement from Leigh Day

Further to our earlier press release on the Volkswagen emissions settlement announced today, see further comments below from Leigh Day partners Boz Michalowska-Howells and Shazia Yamin who represent thousands of clients and have worked on the case since September 2015, when news of this scandal first broke.