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Associate Dentist Claim

Leigh Day is bringing a claim on behalf of Associate Dentists about workers' rights. Those who join the claim could receive up to £20,000 in compensation.

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Many employers class Associate Dentists as self-employed which means they are not entitled to workers’ rights such as holiday pay. We are acting on behalf of claimants who believe they should be entitled to workers' rights.

Who can join the claim?

  • Anybody who has worked as an Associate Dentists for an employer within the last 10 weeks is eligible to join the claim

Those who join the claim could be eligible to receive up to £20,000 in compensation.

Join the Associate Dentist claim

Will I have to pay anything?

We are acting under a “no win, no fee” agreement. This means that you pay nothing up front and you do not pay us anything if the claim is unsuccessful. If you win the claim, the cost is 25% plus VAT from your compensation for our legal fees. This means that you will not be left out of pocket.

If the claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay your employer’s legal fees.

Who are Leigh Day?

The Associate Dentist claim is being brought by law firm Leigh Day, leading employment and discrimination lawyers. We have been representing workers claiming these rights since 2015, and most notably we have recently won workers' rights for Uber and Addison Lee drivers. 

We don’t act for big corporations; we act for individuals. Our aim is to ensure that Associate Dentist receive proper pay for the work that they do, including paid holiday.

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Why choose Leigh Day?

Proven track record

We have already won two similar workers' rights claims on behalf of Uber and Addison Lee drivers. Providing these workers with workers' rights and compensation.

35 years' experience

The experience we have built up over the last 35 years in this specialisation means that you can be reassured that our expert teams know the best way to represent you and your group of claimants.

Group claim specialists

Leigh Day’s lawyers have unrivalled experience in bringing group claims. We have acted for groups of clients numbering from 15 to 50,000 in size.

Are you eligible to join?

If you currently work or, have worked, as an Associate Dentist for an employer within the last 10 weeks you are eligible to join the claim.

Starting your claim

Visit our online form to join in seconds. 

Submit your information

If you are eligible to join the claim, we will ask for a few contact details. Please complete all of the fields. Start your claim here.

Please be assured your details are not shared with anyone and we have a strict privacy policy to keep your details safe.

Our legal agreement

You will then be asked to agree to a damages based agreement (DBA) and our Client Care Letter (CCL). These documents explain the terms of the ‘no win no fee’ agreement.

Full details of these agreements are included at this stage.

Final step

As a next step, we would be grateful if you would please email us a copy of your contract as a self-employed Associate Dentist to dentists@leighday.co.uk

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 02076 501131.

Join the Associate Dentist claim

Have questions about the claim?

Find the answers here in our FAQs

We estimate that the average Associate Dentist could be entitled to up to £20,000 in compensation.

We are claiming for back pay for unpaid holiday, and paid holiday in the future.

At the end of the claim, if we win, we will deduct 25% plus VAT from your compensation for our legal fees.

If we lose the claim, you will not have to pay Leigh Day’s fees.

If we lose, you should not have to pay your employer’s legal fees, unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as if you behave in a vexatious, abuse, disruptive or otherwise unreasonable manner, or ignore an order of the tribunal.

We are bringing claims for Associate Dentists who have left their employer in the last 10 weeks.

If you left your employment as an Associate Dentist in the last 10 weeks, please register your details on the sign-up page as you may be able to join the claim in the future.

No. We are only bringing worker status claims for self-employed Associate Dentists, not employees.

No. This claim is about workers’ rights, in particular your right to receive holiday pay – you can both be a worker to receive workers’ rights and self-employed for tax purposes.

We are not challenging the fact you are self-employed for tax purposes. We recognise that some Associate Dentists want to remain self-employed.

As a worker, it would be compulsory for your employer to give you the following rights:

  • Paid holiday 5.6 weeks a year (regardless of what contract you have signed, either now or in the future)
  • National Living Wage
  • Protection from your current employer removing your work or cutting your pay as a result of claiming worker rights
  • Protection from unlawful discrimination
  • Protection for whistleblowing (reporting wrongdoing in the workplace)
  • Pension contributions

We cannot guarantee how your employer will respond to the claim. However, Associate Dentists have legal protection from their employer acting to your detriment if you bring a claim. We believe that there would be a good case for arguing that it is unlawful for your employer to remove or change the conditions of your work because of your claim and that you would be entitled to additional compensation.

If you have any questions about the claim don't hesitate to get in touch with the team.

Email: dentists@leighday.co.uk

Phone: 02076 501131.

Join the Associate Dentist claim