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Blurry hospital corridor
Medical negligence Stroke

More patients eligible for effective stroke treatment under new guidelines

The 2023 edition of the National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke in UK and Ireland, endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians, has now been published. Clinical Negligence Solicitor Lauren Tully takes a closer look at how the scope of treatment options for stroke patients has widened.

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Medical negligence Cancer

NHS England pledges to eliminate cervical cancer by 2040

Camilla Browne considers the government’s promise to eradicate cervical cancer by 2040.

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Rwanda Human rights abuses Supreme Court

Supreme Court rules on Rwanda policy

On 15 November the Supreme Court determined the Rwanda removals policy to be unlawful. The unanimous judgment of lords Reed and Lloyd-Jones (with whom lords Hodge, Briggs and Sales agreed) is remarkably clear, and relatively short.

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Hospital Hallway
Medical negligence Patient safety

Patient Safety Incident Response Framework replaces Serious Incident Framework

Now that Autumn is upon us, the time has come for the NHS to move over to the new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework. Medical negligence partner Kirsten Wall considers this new approach.

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Medical Consultation
Medical negligence

Medico-legal Challenges in the Age of AI-assisted Radiology

Michael Roberts considers whether AI will deliver the accuracy needed for diagnosis in radiology.

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Clothes On Bar
Fashion Human rights

Some answers to the global costs of fast fashion

Ana Rizelo and Ocean O'Malley discuss what is needed to address the impact of fast fashion on the world.

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Trafigura Clients
Waste International

Toxic Truths: An international verdict on Côte d’Ivoire’s inaction in the Trafigura hazardous waste dumping case

Jonny Buckley and Kane Jackson consider a judgment by the African Court on Human and People’s Rights concerning failures by the State of Cote d’Ivoire following hazardous waste dumped by multinational corporation, Trafigura in 2006.

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Kenya Flag

What King Charles should do on his State visit to Kenya

As King Charles makes his first visit to Kenya as British Monarch, he will acknowledge the wrongs suffered by thousands of Kenyans at the hands of British forces but will stop short of apologising. Associate solicitor in Leigh Day’s international department, Walker Syachalinga, argues that the King should go further and apologise for the ill-treatment of Kenyans under British colonial rule.

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breast cancer ribbon
Breast cancer Medical negligence

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: insights from a medical negligence lawyer

For breast cancer awareness month, Leigh Day specialist breast cancer lawyer Maria Panteli explains the importance of early diagnosis, and what to do should you or a loved one receive a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis from a medical professional.

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Amazon Rainforest
Environment International

John Vidal: environmental journalist 5 January 1949- 19 October 2023

Leigh Day international partners Oliver Holland, Martyn Day and Carol Day pay tribute to John Vidal, environmental journalist who has died aged 74.

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Environment Image
Environment Human rights Climate change

Held v Montana: historic win for climate justice and the right to a healthy environment

In their latest blog, Nina De Alaya Parker and Pia Mitchell say a ruling by the Montana court demonstrates the promise of a constitutional right to a healthy environment in seeking alternative pathways to climate justice.

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Hospital Maternity Sign
Maternity Birth injury Childbirth

Findings of Care Quality Commission’s inspection of Hull maternity services explained

Ratings at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have decreased from good to inadequate. To ensure rapid improvements are made, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has imposed urgent conditions. In this blog, Solicitor Matthew Westlake and Paralegal Emma Thomson give an overview of what the CQC found.