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Abuse in youth clubs

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Many youth clubs are a great way for children and young adults to learn new skills and develop important social relationships. Sadly, however, occasionally adult volunteers or youth club staff can subject children to abuse.

Often there will be a significant degree of trust involved in sending children to youth clubs, and the clubs have a duty of care to safeguard and protect children from abuse. Unfortunately, we know that abuse can occur in situations where adults exploit their position of trust over children.

Collectively the abuse claims team at Leigh Day has many years of experience in representing survivors of abuse in compensation claims. They have successfully brought claims linked to different types of youth clubs, such as The Scouts, Marine Cadets, Sea Cadets and various sports clubs. Cases which the abuse claims team have brought include for survivors who were subjected to sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

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Reporting abuse can be very difficult. Telling somebody about your experience, if and when you feel ready to, can be a significant step, and it could help to prevent further abuse by the perpetrator. You can speak to the police or you can find a list of some support organisations here.

If you or your child have been subjected to abuse in a youth club, even if it occurred many years ago, it may also be possible to bring a claim for compensation. While no amount of money can change the fact that abuse occurred, you can hold the organisation or individual to account for their part in the abuse which you were subjected to.

At Leigh Day we are specialist lawyers in bringing compensation claims on behalf of survivors of abuse and we can explore the options together with you in a sensitive manner. Part of our initial advice will include options to fund your case, as we can work under ‘no win, no fee’ agreements and can offer legal aid to those who are financially eligible.

If you would like to contact the abuse claims team to explore your options for seeking compensation.

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Abuse Witness appeal Human rights

Scout Association: Appeal for information about alleged sexual abuse by former Scout leader Phillip Perks

Two former Scouts are appealing for witnesses to the alleged abuse carried out by former scout leader Philip Perks, 55, from South Wales, who was a Scout leader at Les Pugh’s Own Explorers Scout Unit.

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Former sea cadet who claims sexual abuse by commanding officer given £76,000 compensation

A woman known as WLY has settled a legal claim for £76,000 against a unit of the Sea Cadet Corps following alleged sexual abuse by a male staff member between 1997 and 1999.

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Abuse in the Scout Association

It is time for the Scout Association to finally and fully address all of the abuse that has taken place under its care says abuse claims lawyer Dino Nocivelli in his latest blog

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Abuse claims lawyer welcomes investigation into allegations of historic abuse in Rhyl Sea Cadets

Abuse claims lawyer Andrew Lord, who represents a client who suffered abuse while in the Sea Cadets, has welcomed a police investigation into allegations of sexual abuse connected to the Rhyl detachment of Sea Cadets.