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Businessman Looking At A Tablet

Berkeley Protocol on Digital Open Source Investigations

Matthew Renshaw and Lauren Chaplin discuss the Berkeley Protocol on Digital Open Source Investigations, which provides guidelines for using open-source intelligence (OSINT) in criminal and human rights investigations, and consider how law firms should adapt to OSINT’s potential.

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Man Signing A Document

Corporate pledges to address racial inequality: a cause of action?

Oliver Holland and Walker Syachalinga discuss the effects of corporate pledges in the wake of the Black Lives Matter campaign. Man signing a document

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Employment Discrimination

Coronavirus on the frontline: how the pandemic has left Addison Lee Drivers vulnerable

Private hire drivers have been on the frontline helping to keep the UK going during Coronavirus. Here, solicitor Liana Wood discusses how the pandemic has left Addison Lee drivers exposed.

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Personal injury

Personal injury rehabilitation – steps to take for seriously injured clients

David Preston explains the importance of personal injury rehabilitation and how it is managed during the personal injury claim process.

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Woman Charging Her Car
Product safety Consumer law

Looming emissions controversy for PHEVs

Shazia Yamin and Lucy Martin discuss revelations that plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) may not be emitting the low levels of polluting gases that consumers had been promised.

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Patient Handcuffed
Human rights Prisons

​Prison service must strike a better balance on the use of handcuffs on prisoners in hospital

Benjamin Burrows and Ellie Sutherland discuss the use of handcuffs on prisoners accessing hospital treatment and argue that it is a balance that the prison service is repeatedly getting wrong.

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Defocussed Hospital Corridor
Clinical negligence

Politics and reproductive health

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Human rights Covid-19 Coronavirus

Human rights issues highlighted by COVID-19

On Human Rights Day, Kate Egerton, Aisha Asghar and Abi Joseph look at how human rights are more important than ever in protecting our basic rights and freedoms in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Man betting online at home on his cell phone

Review of gambling laws announced by government

Nichola Marshall and Paula Lee discuss the announcement of the government review of gambling laws.

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Healing crystals - Amethyst

“Healing crystals” with a trail of exploitation and violence

Rebecca Swan discusses the ethics of buying into the craze for healing crystals that could have been mined by children or be helping to finance war and terror.

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shopping bags
Product safety consumer law

Where does Arcadia collapse leave holders of gift vouchers?

Jill Paterson offers guidance to owners of Arcadia gift vouchers, in the wake of the collapse of the retail chain.

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Woman victim trafficking

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

On the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, Liana Wood reflects on what more needs to be done to protect victims of trafficking and forced labour in the UK.