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Leigh Day environment policy

Leigh Day is committed to minimising its environmental impact and aims to have a positive impact on the environment within which it works, including through the cases it brings.

Leigh Day aims to implement sustainability and commits to doing all it can to reduce pollution and waste as well as to use renewable and recyclable materials wherever possible.


This policy is endorsed by the Partnership. Responsibility for the policy lies with the Partnership. Working with the firm’s Green Committee, the Partnership will review the firm’s environmental impact annually and make recommendations for change where required.


We will do all we can to:

  • Ensure environmentally responsible behaviour by the firm and its employees
  • Minimise waste production and maximise the reuse and recycling of materials
  • Manage and reduce our carbon footprint, ensuring our use of natural resources is sustainable, including energy, travel, water and the products we buy
  • Procure goods and services which are environmentally responsible and sustainable wherever we can, making sure that the firm does not outsource environmental damage


We will communicate this policy, our environmental performance and other relevant environmental information to our staff. We will consider staff suggestions to improve environmental performance and implement these where practicable.