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Leigh Day is a law firm practically unique in giving legal advice solely to individuals. The firm’s experience includes fighting for human rights in this country and overseas, claims for compensation for illness and injury as well as employment rights for individuals who may have been discriminated against or not paid what they earned.

Within these teams are experts on a wide range of specific issues and whilst our news section can keep you up to date with our cases and our comments on the news, this blog is intended for longer posts, written by our experts, so that they can give their views on current topics, or those issues which they are dealing with for clients. We hope you find them interesting and that if you do you’ll share them on social media or simply with those you feel may be affected by the issues raised.

Latest blog posts

Blog Post
Trees from above
International Environment Corporate sustainability

EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive

Sandra Boye-Clarkson, Hatice Cobanoglu and Richard Meeran consider the latest European directive on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence for companies.

Blog Post
Man With Bikes 214752480
Cycling Cycling claims Personal injury

Cycling law and the truth: answering six common cycling questions

Blog Post
Polar Bear
International Environment Climate change

What does the Senior Women for Climate Protection Switzerland ruling mean for the UK?

Sakshi Rai and Meg Abbott explore the European Court of Human Rights’ landmark finding that the Swiss state had an obligation to have acted to mitigate the effects of climate change. They explore why the ruling is significant for climate change litigation, and what the implications of the ruling are for the UK.