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Faulty consumer products

Defective product solicitors at Leigh Day have extensive and wide-ranging experience of successfully representing consumers who have been injured, have died, or who have suffered serious damage to their property because of faulty consumer goods, including white goods such as fridges, freezers and dishwashers.

News stories about personal injuries, or even deaths, caused by faulty consumer products have hit the headlines in recent years and they include the 'toxic sofa' claims where individuals suffered burns and rashes from faulty leather sofas; claims on behalf of children who suffered amputation injuries when using defective pushchairs; compensation claims for people affected by house-fires caused by defective electrical goods; hair dye claims for compensation for people who have suffered burn injuries and catastrophic allergic reactions after using hair dye; and claims for people injured in car crashes caused by defective brakes. The team is also experienced in successfully handling claims on behalf of people who have suffered from food poisoning.

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News Article
Appliance Fire
Consumer law Product safety house fire settlement

House fire family’s substantial settlement from Hoover Limited

A family who lost the entire contents of their home in a house fire allegedly caused by a tumble dryer have received a substantial out-of-court settlement from Hoover Limited.

Client Story
Appliances Fire

Appliance fire - Lorraine's story

Lorraine's house was gutted by a house fire caused by a defective tumble dryer

Client Story
Denise Branton
Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning - Kevin's story

Kevin Branton died on 13 November 2010 as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning

Client Story
Food safety Allergic Reaction Food allergies

Food safety - Natasha's story

Natasha died after eating a sandwich baguette from Pret a Manger and suffering an allergic reaction while on a British Airways flight, her parents' legal fight led to 'Natasha's law' which changed food labelling laws

Defective consumer claims experience at Leigh Day

  • Partner Jill Paterson represented a client whose house was destroyed after a fire caused by a faulty dishwasher.
  • Partner Jill Paterson is currently representing clients who have suffered extensive property damage and personal injuries after domestic appliances were identified by the Fire Brigade as the probable cause of devastating house fires.
  • Partner Michelle Victor has successfully obtained compensation for a child who was injured on a defective playground swing.
  • Partners Bozena Michalowska-Howells and Jill Paterson have extensive experience of representing hundreds of claimants in group claims against pharmaceutical and medical device companies, including claims relating to prosthetic hip and knee joints, and a variety of prescription drugs.
  • Michelle Victor has specialist expertise in food poisoning claims and has successfully pursued legal action against tour operators Thompson Holidays, where over 1,000 holiday makers staying at the 4* Bahia Prince Hotel in the Dominion Republic, suffered food poisoning brought on by salmonella, campylobacter, cryptosporidium, shigella and giardia. Michelle also represented over 120 people in what is believed to be one of the UKs largest outbreaks of food poisoning and pursued legal action against A1 Kebabish.
  • Product liability partner Michelle Victor has expertise in running successful hair dye compensation claims. She obtained significant compensation for a client who suffered a severe reaction to a hair dye which contained PPD, despite having done a skin test. Her client suffered anaphylactic shock, swelling to her face, and her mouth and tongue and became intolerant to certain fabrics. Her client required urgent hospital treatment.
  • Jill Paterson has been instructed to pursue claims for personal injury and property damage on behalf of those affected by serious house fires allegedly linked to BEKO white goods.
  • Partner Thomas Jervis is investigating potential claims relating to fires caused by laptop computers with a lithium battery, and by an oil fire.
  • Leigh Day has been appointed as joint leads solicitors in the VW emissions claim.

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Leigh Day stands out for its ability to handle claims relating to medical devices, pharmaceutical products, household appliances and electronics as well as toys.

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