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Metal Hip Prosthesis

If you have have suffered from health problems because of the failure of a medical device, such as a replacement hip or knee joint, your life may have been utterly devastated because of your injuries. In rare cases, these injuries can be fatal.

Specialist product liability solicitors at Leigh Day have extensive experience in representing large numbers of people who have reported severe medical problems after being fitted with medical devices that have failed.

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Product safety Personal injury

Patient who suffered internal burns due to faulty surgical device receives five-figure settlement

A woman who suffered an internal burn and nerve damage after a faulty medical device was used in a hysterectomy operation has received a five-figure settlement from the instrument manufacturers.

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Medical device claim - Barbara's story

Barbara thought that her hip replacement had been a success

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Medical device claim - Debbie's story

Debbie faces life as a wheelchair user after a hip replacement

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Health-related apps: How to check if they are approved for use

Jill Paterson and Megan George discuss the safety of health-related apps.

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The Consumer Protection Act 1987 was brought into English law to provide protection to individuals who have been injured by a medical device if it can be proved that the product was defective and that it was responsible for the injuries suffered.

Such devices can include:

  • Replacement hip joints
  • Replacement knee joints
  • Heart devices, such as pacemakers, valves and defibrillator leads
  • Cosmetic implants
  • Corneal implants
  • Contraceptive devices
  • Transvaginal or vaginal mesh
  • Medical apparatus used in the treatment or follow-up care of patients