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Amazon drivers claim

We strongly believe that drivers should be classified as employees, rather than self-employed contractors, and will fight your corner throughout the legal battle to help make this a reality.

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Amazon drivers' claim

Leigh Day is acting for Amazon delivery drivers who may be entitled to an average of £10,500 compensation for every year they've driven for Amazon.

If you have driven for Amazon via a Delivery Service Partner (DSP) you may be eligible to join the claim.

We act on behalf of Amazon delivery drivers claiming they should be treated as employees, not self-employed contractors.

Employment law specialists

If you have driven for Amazon through a Delivery Service Partner (DSP), you may be eligible for more than £10,500 in compensation.

We believe every delivery driver should be treated as an employee, rather than a self-employed contractor. That’s why we’re encouraging all Amazon drivers to join the claim and help fight for basic worker protections and benefits – such as receiving holiday pay and the National Minimum Wage.  

For the Amazon drivers’ claim, we are acting under a “no win, no fee” agreement. This means as long as you abide by the terms of the agreement, you don’t have to pay anything unless you win your claim. Contact our expert employment and discrimination team today to find out how you can join the Amazon claims process.

Employee rights for Amazon drivers

Most drivers who deliver products for Amazon via DSPs are listed as independent contractors. This means you have no guarantee of work, and you may have to pay to hire a van from a courier.

Employees have certain legal protections and benefits. This includes the right to:

  • A contract setting out the terms of your employment
  • Receive the National Minimum Wage
  • Protection from unlawful deductions from wages
  • Raise concerns, such as health and safety, without the fear of being punished.

That’s why we’re supporting Amazon drivers bringing claims to ensure they can access the same benefits and protections offered to employees.

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Why choose Leigh Day?

Experienced claimant lawyers

At Leigh Day, we don’t act for big corporations – we act for individuals. Our employment and discrimination lawyers have plenty of experience bringing group claims against major corporations, including Uber and ASDA. In these claims, we acted for groups of clients numbering from 15 to 50,000 in size.

Specialist legal teams

The experience we have built up over more than 30 years of holding corporations to account is unrivalled. This means you can rest assured our expert team knows the best way to represent you and your group claim.

Successful track record

We are leading employment and discrimination lawyers, and are top-ranked by Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners.

If you’re a driver who delivers products for Amazon via Delivery Service Partners (DSPs), you may have been you class as a self-employed contractor. This means you’re not entitled to receive paid holiday or the National Minimum Wage.

However, as employment law specialists, we believe the way drivers work in practice – including how drivers are controlled when working – should mean they’re classified as employees.

Our leading employment and discrimination lawyers believe now is the time to challenge this unfair treatment and ensure drivers receive the rights they deserve. That’s why we’re asking Amazon drivers to join the claim and take legal action against Amazon and its delivery network. If successful, Amazon delivery drivers across the UK may be entitled to over £10,500 in compensation.


Uber Driver

If you currently drive or recently drove for Amazon in the last 10 weeks via a Delivery Service Partner (DSP), you may be eligible to join the claim.

We believe drivers should receive the maximum pay they missed out on as self-contractors. That’s why we’re claiming holiday pay for the entire time you worked for Amazon, not just two years’ back pay.

Joining the claim is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. You don’t need to provide any documents like tax returns to find out if you can join the claim.


women packing box in warehouse

Based on the information we have so far, we think the average driver may be entitled to around £10,500 in compensation, if the claim is successful. The total amount you could secure will be calculated based on your pay slips, tax returns/accounts, bank statements and receipts.

We are currently claiming compensation for:

  • Back pay for missed holiday pay
  • Drivers who received less than the National Minimum Wage
  • The failure to provide drivers with an employment contract.

However, this compensation will only be available to drivers who join the claim.


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Our sign up process is as straightforward and transparent as possible. It only takes a few minutes to find out if you are eligible to join the Amazon claim process or not.

We don't require you to provide any additional documents, such as tax returns, to check your eligibility either. The full terms for joining the claim are set out in our Damages Based Agreement – which you can review after checking your eligibility.


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To find out if you’re eligible, or to start your Amazon claim, get in touch with our expert employment lawyers.

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Contact Kate Robinson

Kate is a solicitor in the employment and discrimination department at Leigh Day. Kate trained with Leigh Day and qualified as a solicitor in 2017.

Kate is currently assisting hundreds of Uber drivers in bringing claims relating to their employment status and is also representing teachers bringing direct and indirect discrimination claims against the government following changes to their pensions in 2015.

Contact Nigel Mackay

Nigel is a leading employment and discrimination partner. He is co-head of Leigh Day's employment department.

Nigel represents groups of workers in the gig economy, including couriers and drivers working for a number of well-known gig economy operators. He is the lead author of the book employment law and the gig economy, a principal legal text in this area.

Contact Sean O'Donoghue

Sean is a paralegal in the employment and discrimination department at Leigh Day. He previously worked as a paralegal on the Asda equal pay group claim and currently works on the Uber employment status claim. Call him on 020 3780 0330.

Contact Shriya Samani

Shriya is a paralegal in the employment and discrimination department at Leigh Day. She also currently works on the Uber employment status claim. Call her on 020 3780 0330.