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Accidents and injuries at work and school

Leigh Day lawyers are experts at handling claims for accidents at work such as may occur in a factory, on a construction site or even in the office or at school or college.

Each year thousands of people have an accident at work in the UK who may be entitled to claim compensation. Many of them suffer terrible injuries that can destroy their lives and those of their families. Our team of specialist personal injury lawyers has extensive experience in handling compensation claims for people who have suffered catastrophic injuries, including amputation, severe brain and spinal injuries.

Injuries at work happen for number of reasons, often because the employer has breached one of a number of laws covering health and safety at work.  Leigh Day lawyers are experts at  successfully representing people who have been injured at work in their claims for compensation. Serious injury specialist law firm Leigh Day is recognised as one of the country's best firms of solicitors and lawyers able to represent clients with complex and serious brain and spinal injury claims. Four of our personal injury solicitors, including three partners are members of the Law Society's personal injury panel.

Accident at work claims

Personal injury lawyers at Leigh Day have secured significant amounts of compensation for clients who have been injured or died after:

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