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Workplace Injury - Martin's story

Posted on 16 January 2021

Martin is a carpenter and handyman who was instructed to work on a warehouse roof. He was not given any protective equipment such as a safety harness to use whilst carrying out his work.
As he turned towards his colleague to relay instructions he stepped onto a skylight which immediately gave way under him resulting in Martin falling some 23 feet.

Martin sustained multiple injuries. He tried to return to his carpentry work but, as a result of serious back pain, he was unable to work a full day or week. He therefore retrained as a CCTV operator.
His employer denied liability but, as a result of our legal representations, the employer admitted responsibility. However, three years after their admission they tried to partially blame Martin for the accident in an attempt to significantly reduce the amount of compensation he would receive. We pursued the matter to a court hearing and the Court agreed with us that Martin was not partially responsible for his accident. He received compensation of £283,000.