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Alika Lee-Crandon

Solicitor apprentice

Alika is a solicitor apprentice in the human rights department

Alika is a solicitor apprentice in the human rights team working under the supervision of Emma Jones.

Alika assists Emma, Beatrice Morgan and Sarah Westoby on a range of cases pertaining to the treatment of vulnerable individuals by organisations, such as care homes and hospitals. The cases cover different causes of action including bring claims using the Human Rights Act. Alika has been working on a group claim considering cases related to Covid-19 – not just the impact of the infection, but also the impact of the restrictions during lockdown .

Alika was shortlisted as a finalist for the BAME apprenticeship awards 2021.

Upon completion of her apprenticeship, Alika will have achieved both her LLB law degree and Solicitors Qualifying Exam. After completing various work placements, a mini pupillage and masterclasses in law she had applied for the solicitor apprenticeship.

Before joining Leigh Day’s apprenticeship scheme in January 2020, she was working full time, studying full time and had previously completed an apprenticeship. Alika is volunteering with two charities/CIC’s covering social media, marketing and communications and is head of administration for the other. She has also been on several panels about apprenticeships as well as hosting talks about apprenticeships across London.