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Cycling is the new golf - it's official

Travel litigation expert Clare Campbell offers tips for travellers as it's revealed that cycling is fast becoming the 'new golf' as more people choose cycling holidays than ever before

Sa Colobra, Majorca, a favourite destination for cyclists
Clare is a travel litigation expert who specialises in accidents abroad, claims under the Package Travel Regulations, maritime and aviation cases and large group illness litigation. She tweets as @HolidayEagle
Yesterday marked the start of the four day World Travel Market event in London - a renowned international event with more than 50,000 global travel professionals attending conferences and networking with other industry professionals and enthusiasts.

As a keen traveller myself, I am always interested to see what is the ‘next big thing’, so I was very interested to see that this year there has been an unprecedented rise in the popularity of cycling breaks abroad.

Apparently, more and more tourists are choosing to get on their bikes for an active adventure holiday; and there is even a suggestion that cycling breaks for men could overtake the traditional golf trip abroad.

A trend particularly noticeable in the USA, where golf trips are declining and cycle trips are on the rise.

I won’t say this comes as a surprise with the rise in popularity in this country and many others. Whether you are on a leisurely trip with your family or a group of friends, the benefits of cycling holidays are obvious - it’s healthy, environmentally friendly and considerably cheaper than hiring a car.

Add on the chance to explore foreign countries in the fresh air, and it’s clear why this is an increasingly popular holiday option.

Whilst this new healthy holiday trend is to be welcomed, it is important to ensure that safety remains a priority – as it should for any trip abroad.

You should always ensure that you plan the trip carefully and safeguard against potential mishaps - whether you are on an organised competitive trip, or a more leisurely sightseeing trip, you must ensure that you have adequate protection should anything happen.

I have represented dozens of families impacted as a result of a cycling incident abroad, with medical needs, delayed flights and extra accommodation often needed as a result.

Many of my clients’ say that being prepared certainly helped alleviate some of the pressure. Some of the key things to consider – to ensure you and your family are protected - include:

Ensuring that you have appropriate cover and documentation for your holiday before you travel: 
  • Confirm that your travel insurance covers cycling activities
  • Also obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • Book your holiday as a regulated package with a reputable tour operator

Ensuring that you document everything needed should anything happen
  • Contact the police and take full details relating to the accident
  • Take photographs of the accident location, get witness details, and obtain medical assistance
  • Seek expert legal assistance to deal with any civil or criminal issues that arise

Ensuring that on your return to the UK you notify the relevant parties

  • Let your insurance company know what has happened as soon as possible; ·
  • Seek expert legal advice.

Leigh Day solicitors have an experienced dedicated cycling abroad team who are able to provide support and advice to those involved in accidents abroad.

Please contact them on 0161 393 3551 or email ccampbell@leighday.co.uk

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