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Cruise ship accident and illness claims

The number of tourists choosing to take a cruise ship holidays has risen dramatically in the last 10 years. Over 1.7 million British holidaymakers took a cruise in 2013 and the number is expected to continue to rise.

Passengers on board cruise ships have a right to expect that their safety and wellbeing is protected on board the ship and lawyers at Leigh Day are prepared to fight hard to ensure that these rights are upheld.

The Athens Convention

If you are injured in an accident on board a cruise ship, there are laws and conventions that you can seek to rely on to obtain the compensation that you are entitled to. The Athens Convention applies to the international carriage of passengers by sea and deals with compensation claims against carriers. Ordinarily fault of negligence has to be proved but in some circumstances liability against the carrier is strict.  The time limit for bringing a claim under this Convention is only two years so legal advice needs to be pursued without delay.

Our holiday law experience

Cases involving cruise ship accidents and illnesses can be complex and specialist legal advice is required. The team at Leigh Day solicitors has experience of helping hundreds of passengers who have suffered injuries and illnesses on-board cruises through no fault of their own. The types of cases our team has handled includes:
  • Slip and trips on board cruise ships
  • Illness claims including food poisoning or norovirus outbreaks
  • Excursion accidents

We can provide detailed and tailored advice relevant to your claim in a free initial assessment and we can offer “no win no fee” funding arrangements.

What we can do to help with your holiday claim

Leigh Day solicitors has an experienced, dedicated travel team who are able to provide support and advice to those involved in cruise ship accidents.

Please contact us on 020 8038 1021 or 0161 393 3551 for free, no obligation advice. Or email travelclaims@leighday.co.uk

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