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Appliance House Fire Claims

The fire claims team at Leigh Day is currently representing a number of people whose lives have been affected by household appliance fires.  Suffering a fire in your home can be a devastating experience, and some of our clients have suffered serious injury, as well as damaged properties. Unfortunately, in rare cases, house fires have led to the death of a loved one.

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Emma's Story

Watch Emma's story, where she tells of how she and her son lost everything in a house fire which started in her tumble dryer. Emma’s story highlights the psychological trauma that can result from a fire in the home. Emma suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after the fire, but therapy has given her coping techniques.

Specialist consumer product liability solicitors Jill Paterson and Thomas Jervis advised and supported Emma as she rebuilt her life after the fire.   

Household Fires

Consumer group Which? has found that faulty appliances have accounted for nearly 16,000 fires across the UK since 2012.

Every year hundreds of fires are caused by washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, ovens, and fridges and freezers. Fire claims lawyer and team leader, Jill Paterson,  has acted for clients who have been affected by house fires believed to have been caused by all these types of appliance. The team includes former LFB fire investigation officer, Andrew Vaughan-Davies and partner Thomas Jervis. Over the last 13 years the fire claims team has investigated numerous compensation claims relating to domestic appliances produced by white goods companies including Beko, Bosch, Indesit, Hotpoint, Hoover Candy and Whirlpool.

Safety campaigners believe that appliance manufacturers have not done enough to raise awareness about potential problems associated with their products, leaving many consumers unaware that their homes could be at risk of fire. Members of the Leigh Day team believe that the product safety and recall system in the UK needs to be overhauled to better protect consumer safety.

Members of the appliance fire team are regularly invited to comment in the media on the issue of product safety and recall, including on BBC News and Radio, ITV and Sky, as well as in newspapers including the Sunday Times and the Mirror. Our clients’ stories have featured in news items covered by BBC’s Watchdog and many other consumer programmes.

Lorraine's Story

In her story, Lorraine tells us about how she and her family were forced to leave their home for months following a tumble dryer fire:


Appliance fire compensation claims

You may be able to bring a claim for compensation following a fire if you can show that the cause of the fire was because of a defective product or the result of the manufacturer’s negligence or omission. A claim will take into account any injuries you have suffered, which could include burns and smoke inhalation injuries, loss of earnings because of your injuries, and damage to goods and property.

David v Goliath

If you have suffered from a fire caused by a faulty home appliance such as a tumble dryer, fridge freezer or washing machine, and your home has been destroyed, getting back on your feet again can be a struggle. 

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Dealing with the manufacturers of the product, who are often large corporations, can be daunting. That’s where we come in. Our ethos is to ensure that the ordinary person has just as good quality legal advice as our state bodies, insurers and multi-nationals which has led us to take on many ‘David and Goliath’ legal struggles for justice.

White goods should not cause fires. They shouldn’t destroy your life, your home, your belongings.  The personal  injuries caused by fires are not only physical but can affect you psychologically, a consequence of fire which is often overlooked.

Jessica’s story

In October 2017, Jessica Robinson returned from the school run to find her house alight. The fire was caused by a Bush washing machine that she had bought from Argos.

Her kitchen was destroyed by fire. Every other room in the house and their contents, including beds, bedding, toys, cots and clothes had been coated in and contaminated  by the black toxic smoke produced by the fire.    
Jessica, her young daughter and three dogs were forced out of their home and into temporary accommodation.  

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