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money, Still life of British currency on financial newspaper, close-up
consumer law competition law Queen's speech

What’s in the Queen’s Speech 2022 for consumers, and what’s missing?

Our consumer and competition law specialists join forces to discuss the positives for consumers included within this year’s Queen’s Speech, where new measures don’t go far enough and what we think is still lacking.

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High Court London
Group Claim

Group litigation: High Court emphasises need for co-operation between claimant law firms

Shazia Yamin and Holly Hampton discuss the recent judgment of Senior Master Fontaine in the VW NOx Emissions Group Litigation following an application for relief from sanctions by a law firm to have their clients added to the Group Register after the cut-off date.

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Human rights Abuse in dance abuse

Abuse in ballet and dance

I have specialised in representing abuse victims and survivors for many years and where the abuse has been committed by teachers, priests, sports coaches and others in positions of trust.

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Blurred Child (1)
abuse human rights child abuse

Why an apology for abuse is so important

As a lawyer who specialises in representing victims and survivors of child abuse and sexual abuse, I appreciate the importance of an apology from their abuser and/or the institution where the abuse took place. 

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Swimmer (1)
abuse human rights IICSA Report abuse in sports

Abuse in swimming – another reason why IICSA should have thoroughly investigated abuse in sport

Further to my recent article about sexual abuse in cricket, I now want to focus on swimming because this is another sport that again emphasises why the Independent Inquiry into Childhood Sexual Abuse (IICSA) should have chosen sport as one of their 15 investigation strands.

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Royal Courts Of Justice
International applicable law

The Abu Zubaydah case: the actions of the UK’s Security Services and the applicable law question

Charlotte Armstrong, solicitor in the international department, discusses the importance of a recent Court of Appeal decision in the case brought by Abu Zubaydah against the UK Foreign Office, Home Office and Attorney General.

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Sad Teenage Boy
abuse child abuse human rights sexual abuse

We need to call out child sex abuse by women

While the vast majority of child abusers are male, it is important to remember that women also sexually assault children and as a society we need to be alert to such criminality.

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Supreme Court pale
International Corporate accountability parent company liability Supreme Court

The developing legal landscape on parent company liability - is corporate impunity drawing to a close?

Daniel Leader, partner in the international team, discusses recent legal successes in holding multinational corporations to account for harms caused to communities who have previously had little hope of achieving justice.

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abuse IICSA Report human rights abuse in schools

IICSA’s latest report – residential schools in Wales

Solicitor specialising in representing survivors of abuse, Dino Nocivelli, discusses the latest report from IICSA and its conclusion in relation to gaps in safeguarding for Welsh schools.

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Contract Signing
Human rights abuse non-disclosure agreements

We need to end the use of NDAs in abuse cases

The issue of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or “gagging orders” as they are otherwise known, has reared its head again.

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Human rights

Inquiry into David Fuller’s abuse should be a full inquiry under the Inquiries Act, says lawyer

Human rights lawyer and inquiries specialist Emma Jones considers issues raised by the David Fuller mortuary abuse case.

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Sick Mother In Hospital Bed

Ockenden Report set to reveal UK’s largest maternity scandal

Clinical negligence solicitor Ceilidh Robertson discusses the findings so far from the Ockenden report into maternity services at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust, and what is expected when it is published later this week.