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Blurred Child (1)
Abuse Sexual abuse Child abuse

Woman settles case against her father who sexually abused her as a child

A woman has settled her legal case against her father for the years of sexual abuse he inflicted on her when she was aged between four and ten years old.

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RAF Lakenheath
Environment Planning Human rights

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament legally challenges planning rights for nuclear weapons facilities development at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is legally challenging development works at RAF Lakenheath which it believes are to prepare for stationing nuclear weapons by the US Air Force (USAF).

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Car Exhaust
Vehicle emissions Diesel emissions claims

Success for thousands of BMW drivers in High Court in latest ‘Dieselgate’ case ruling

More than 100,000 BMW and MINI drivers have won their first hearing in their claim against the German car manufacturer over the vehicle emissions scandal.

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Reparations Event Image
Reparations Human rights

Barbados’ ambassador to CARICOM delivers keynote address on Reparations at Leigh Day

Barbados’ ambassador to CARICOM, David Comissiong, delivered a keynote address on the case for Reparations for the Trans-Atlantic enslavement of Africans at a reception hosted by the Reparations team at law firm Leigh Day.  

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Chips In Fryer
McDonalds Group claims Employment

Former McDonald’s employees call on fast food giant to take accountability for creating an "unsafe working environment" ahead of Alistair Macrow’s questioning in Parliament

Former McDonald’s workers hope that legal action against the fast food giant will lead the company to put measures in place to protect their young staff.

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Biomass Wood Pellets
Environment Human rights

Environmental charity seeks judicial review of government’s plans to promote the use of biomass fuel in its strategy to cut greenhouse gases

The environmental and rewilding charity The Lifescape Project is seeking a judicial review of the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero’s plans to meet the UK’s obligations to cut greenhouse gas emissions in part through its new Biomass Strategy.

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Keith Frater
Asbestos and mesothelioma Industrial disease Witness appeal

Appeal for witnesses from family of former Tyneside electrician following his asbestos-related death

The family of a man who worked as an electrician for Tyneside-based company Swan Hunter believe that his death from mesothelioma was linked to potential asbestos exposure while at the company, and are appealing for his former colleagues to come forward with information.

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Hero Image Mcdonalds
McDonalds Harrassment Employment law

McDonald’s faces legal action amidst widespread harassment allegations

Law firm Leigh Day has launched group legal action against fast food giant McDonald’s after the BBC revealed allegations that crew members working for the fast-food giant “were being groped and harassed almost routinely”. 

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Sewage Plant
Environment Human rights

Fighting Dirty challenges Environment Agency over axing of pledge to test sewage sludge agricultural fertiliser for land contaminants

Environmental campaign group Fighting Dirty has launched a legal challenge to the Environment Agency (EA) over its decision to axe a commitment to bring the regulation of sewage sludge into the Environmental Permitting Regime by 2023.

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Ministry Of Defence
Human rights

Thousands of military personnel could be owed compensation from the MOD for discrimination over housing costs

Up to 80,000 serving members of the military are believed to be eligible for compensation from the Ministry of Defence after being unfairly overcharged for housing in the last six months because of their age and potentially their marital status.

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Abuse Human rights

Two women settle claim against Scout Association after reporting sexual abuse by their Scout leader

Two women who reported being sexually abused as teenagers by their Scout leader, Phillip Perks, have settled their legal claim and will receive a written apology from the Scout Association.

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Chris Packham
Chris Packham Human rights Environment Defamation

Chris Packham settles defamation claim with Fieldsports Channel after it admits death threat claims were untrue

Environmental campaigner and naturalist Chris Packham CBE has settled a defamation claim against the website Fieldsports Channel after it falsely accused him of writing a fake death threat letter to himself.