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Chris Connor

Chartered legal executive

Chris is a lawyer in the consumer law team

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Chris Connor is a chartered legal executive in the product liability and consumer law department. He has a particular focus on large group actions involving consumer law, financial regulation and product safety. He works closely with the team in London headed by Bozena Michalowska Howells.

Chris has nearly two decades of working in the areas of civil litigation, personal injury and consumer law. Immediately prior to joining Leigh Day, he specialised in dealing with claims for cyclists seriously injured by the failure of defective bike components or poorly designed highways. As a keen cyclist and triathlete this was an issue that was close to his heart.

Before that, he was a partner at a large firm dealing with claims involving injured claimants and those seeking redress for damages negligently caused by others. He was involved in the Autofocus litigation brought by Accident Exchange against Autofocus (Autofocus Ltd v Accident Exchange Ltd [2010] EWCA Civ 788) which eventually led to seven expert witnesses being jailed for fabricating evidence in civil proceedings on an industrial scale.

Chris oversees the team in Manchester that are bringing large group actions against vehicle manufacturers (Mercedes, Porsche seat and Audi) for fitting vehicles with “defeat devices” in order to cheat emission tests. He believes this is not only a major breach of trust by these well know manufacturers, but has also caused untold damage to the environment, aggravated climate change and damaged public health.

Chris and his team are also involved in the group action against Link Fund Solutions for their mismanagement of the Woodford Equity Income Fund.