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Abuse claims

At Leigh Day we fight for you. You are not alone.

Our specialist legal team is rated as one of the best in the UK, with a track record of success over three decades. We understand what abuse does to you, and we can help you too.  So often, the abuse has also involved a breach of a person’s human rights.

Our clients have suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, or emotional or mental abuse, resulting in psychiatric injury, trauma, or physical injury.  They are survivors of child abuse or vulnerable adults, like the older people or people with a learning disability. 

You can use civil law to hold your abuser or those who facilitated the abuse, to account, to get answers, an apology, or to seek compensation for the wrong you’ve survived.

Compensation can help rebuild your life: enabling you to access education and training, or therapy. The very act of deciding to sue your abuser can be the first step to taking back power.

With our broad range of expertise, we may be able to fight for you using a range of legal approaches, to give you more options in life. Our global experience can even help you to use UK law against British offenders abusing internationally.     

So often, abusers target many victims, and survivors can take actions against them as a group.  It only takes one person to stand up, and our group action experts will help you, because you are not alone. 


"Alison Millar ‘provides measured and invaluable advice’ on abuse matters."
- Legal 500 2015 Rank 1 firm for Civil Liberties

Examples of how our abuse claims team has helped people like you:

  • Successfully settling over 120 claims for compensation on behalf of families who were neglected and abused, leading to their early death at Stafford Hospital
  • Since 1992 advising the Child Migrant Trust who represent hundreds of British children who were deported from the UK,
  • Securing compensation on behalf of a vulnerable patient who was sexually abused by her care worker
  • Successfully settling a claim for a young footballer who was bullied and abused by his coaches
  • Securing a six-figure sum for a mother and her children who were abused by immigration escorts
  • Acting for two adults for the neglect and emotional abuse they received when in the care of a Council as children
  • Successfully securing a six-figure  sum on behalf of an adult with learning disabilities who was sexually abused whilst in residential care
  • Successfully settling a number of claims on behalf of adults who were abused and raped whilst in the care of local authorities
  • Winning compensation for a child who suffered neglect, abuse and poor care as a child whilst resident in two care homes in SW England
  • Successfully securing compensation for a client who has been abused by a social worker
  • Obtaining compensation for a client who was sexually abused by a psychiatric nurse whilst receiving  in-patient treatment for her eating disorder

Time limits do apply to abuse claims, but you may be able to claim compensation even if the abuse occurred many years ago.

You can talk confidentially to a member of the abuse claims team, who will understand and will tell you if we can help. Please phone us on 020 7650 1200, or fill in our enquiry form and someone will get back to you shortly.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.