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Employees walking to work in the city at sunrise

Stereotypes and Unconscious Bias

Employment lawyer Roshan Croker discusses the unconscious racial biases which plague society and what lawyers need to do to overcome stereotypes

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Woman Looking Out The Window
Human rights abortion

Without abortion reform, women in Northern Ireland will continue to be denied basic reproductive rights

Medical negligence solicitor Fiona Huddleston looks forward to changes in the law governing reproductive rights in Northern Ireland in 2019

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Medical negligence Clinical negligence informed consent

Duce and informed consent

Medical negligence solicitor Matthew Westlake looks at a recent case on informed consent

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Human rights Abuse claims Human rights abuses Assessment and treatment unit ATU Winterbourne View

​The ghost of Winterbourne past

Abuse solicitor Cat Rubens says too many adults with learning disabilities will spend another Christmas in inpatient units

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african-american woman rubs lotion on dry hands 1213885492
Product safety consumer law

What happened to Boots Smooth Care Hair Lightening Cream?

Boots Smooth Care hair lightening cream has been used and recommended for years by women with sensitive skin, so why has the company removed the product from their shelves and website without issuing a product recall?

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Man Holding Head
Employment Discrimination Racism

But why is that racist? The distraction of explaining

Discrimination lawyer Kiran Daurka explores the frustration around the constant questioning of racist incidents

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Rainbow Flag
Discrimination Human rights LGBT+

International Perspectives from the UN to Uganda

Human rights solicitor Zoe Johannes reports on the inaugural event held by the Leigh Day LGBT+ & Allies Network

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Female cashier and customer at supermarket checkout
Equal Pay Employment Tesco

Tell me why.....

Solicitor Paula Lee was recently asked why I work in the equal pay arena and it got her thinking 'why is there still a problem'?

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Man Signing A Document
International Corporate accountability Africa

The 'Big Four': are their liabilities greater than their assets?

Paul Dowling discusses the dominance of the 'Big 4' accountancy firms and whether their role within powerful companies is healthy or should more be done to prevent abuse within the global corporate culture.

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Abuse International

Positive steps forward in the fight against international abuse

Rebekah Read and Katharina Theil from the international department discuss the recent announcement of a new global sex offender register to help in the fight against international abuse.

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Business woman in the office
Discrimination Equal pay Employment

It is Equal Pay Day on 10 November

10 November is almost upon us again, a date that should be firmly etched in the minds of all women in Great Britain. After this date, women are effectively working for free for the rest of this year based on how much they earn on average when compared to men. It is an unfortunate symbol of the continuing inequality in our society and is a date that one day will hopefully become a thing of the past.

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Mata Atlantica - Atlantic Forest in Brazil
Human rights Corporate accountability

Leigh Day lawyers attend 5th International Seminar on Human Rights & Business, Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Solicitors from the international team at Leigh Day gave an overview of some of the team's recent cases when speaking on a panel addressing transnational litigation.