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Two People Touching Hands
Human rights

The Annual Report of the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review makes for depressing reading

Human rights partner Merry Varney assesses the latest LeDeR review

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Empire Windrush
Human rights Windrush

Betrayal of the 'Windrush generation'

Human rights lawyer Jamie Beagent says the Home Office could face a number of legal challenges.

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Talcum Powder Bottle
Asbestos mesothelioma Personal injury

Talcum powder: a hidden source of asbestos exposure

Asbestos lawyer Catriona Ratcliffe discusses a recent US case against Johnson & Johnson concerning asbestos contaminated talcum powder.

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High Court London
International human rights

International human rights lawyer looks at implications of Leggatt J in Alseran and Ors v MoD

International human rights lawyer Melanie Jacques looks at the implications of the decision of Leggatt J in Alseran and Ors v MoD on the future conduct of British military operations abroad.

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Houses Of Parliament
Road traffic collisions Personal injury

No date yet for workers to be hit by Government 'whiplash' reforms

In February 2018, the Ministry of Justice announced that its key reforms will be implemented for those injured in motor accidents as early as April 2019.

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Group Of Women
Employment Equal pay

The struggle is real, sister

Following her attendance at an event held by the Radio Independents Group, Employment solicitor Kiran Daurka looks at how far we still have to go in the struggle for equality.

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Man Comforting Another
Inquests Human rights

Inquests – we know the problems but how do we solve them?

In her second blog, following her evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights, partner Merry Varney details the changes she believes would be the start of reducing the barriers families facing an inquest into the death of a loved one whilst in the care of the State

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3 Women Looking Out At Sea
Inquests Human rights

A bereaved family's human rights at inquests – why Baroness Lawrence must be heard

Merry Varney considers the barriers, which she claims are placed in front of bereaved families when trying to find out the truth of how their loved ones have died whilst in the care of the State, such as psychiatric hospitals or residential homes.

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Business Woman Holding Pen + Papers
Equal pay Employment

Gender pay gap reporting - Are we really pressing for progress?

Solicitor Lara Kennedy asks whether gender pay reporting is really pressing for progress.

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Computer Class
Discrimination Employment

De-coding the gender conundrum

Where are the women in big data?

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Equal Pay Sign
Employment Equal pay

“Now dear, don't get emotional it's only money”

In her latest series of blogs on equal pay, Paula Lee tackles the emotional aspect surrounding the issue.