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For the last 30 years Leigh Day has supported people who have been caught up in some of the most serious disasters that have happened in the UK. 

Disasters such as the Paddington train crash, the Buncefield explosion, the Vauxhall helicopter crash, the Shepherd’s Bush tower block fire, and terrorist attacks in London and Manchester have a profound and long-lasting effect on the people and families of those who were injured or killed. 

When the headlines about the latest disaster change, expert lawyers at Leigh Day are there to support you.  Our market-leading teams of injury and human rights lawyers can advise you if you or a family member has been affected by a devastating disaster, including those involving large-scale loss of life.

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When several people have been injured in a disaster they will often start legal action together in what is known as a group claim. We are one of the most experienced law firms in the UK specialising in multi-party legal actions and can advise groups of people affected by the same disaster.

We are also highly experienced in supporting clients who are attending inquests and inquiries.

Transport disasters

Leigh Day is known for its pioneering work in public transport disaster claims. Head of the personal injury department, Sally Moore, acted for 51 passengers injured in the Paddington train crash. She also represented the widow of a man who was killed in the crash. She then played a role in the subsequent public inquiry and inquest process. Sally also acted for victims of the train crash at Ufton Nervet, near Reading, and for eight British survivors of a train crash in Norway.

Serious injury partner Daniel Easton dealt with many of the injury claims following the Vauxhall helicopter crash, securing significant sums of compensation for the people who were injured as helicopter debris fell from the sky, and for those suffering shock at witnessing the events.

Sally Moore is representing a widow whose husband was killed in the Croydon tram crash, as well as some people who were seriously injured in the same disaster.

Fatal disasters

Sally represented both the families of the two women who died in the Dreamspace incident, when an inflatable art installation escaped from its moorings, tipping members of the public to the ground.

Fires and explosions

Partner Jill Paterson successfully represented a group of companies who suffered extensive financial loss following the explosion of a fuel depot at Buncefield.  Partner Daniel Easton represented an injured tanker driver in the same disaster, and has represented a man who was injured when his neighbour's house exploded following a gas leak.

Jill has developed the UK’s leading specialist practice in representing people who have been injured following house fires caused by allegedly faulty kitchen appliances.  Her team is currently acting for more than 40 people affected by a huge 18-storey tower block fire in Shepherd’s Bush, London, in August 2016.

Jill also represented the family at the inquest into the death of Santosh Benjamin who died in a house fire caused by a faulty fridge freezer.

Partner Frances Swaine represented the Sceaux Gardens Tenants & Residents Association in relation to the Lakanal tower block fire, when six people lost their lives in what was the UK’s worst tower block fire before the tragedy of the Grenfell tower block fire.

Crane collapses

Partner Gene Matthews secured compensation of several hundred thousand pounds for the families affected by a catastrophic crane collapse in Battersea, South London in September 2006.

Terrorist attacks

The personal injury team acted for several people who were injured in the 7th July London bombings, helping them to recover damages and benefits for serious injuries. Sally Moore acted for a widow whose husband was killed on the Edgware Road bomb attack.

The firm has volunteered its services pro bono for those affected by the 2017 Manchester and London Bridge terrorist attacks.

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