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Audi to recall 127,000 luxury vehicles over claims they were fitted with unlawful emissions cheating software

The German motor authority (KBA) has ordered a recall of 127,000 Audi vehicles

23 January 2018

The German motor authority (KBA) has ordered a recall of 127,000 Audi vehicles after detecting unlawful emissions cheating software. The software was found on a number of new V6 diesel engines, which are found in A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, SQ5, SQ5 Plus and Q7 models.
All of the affected vehicles were produced after news of the Volkswagens emissions scandal broke in September 2015.
Audi bosses have been given until 2nd February 2018 to provide the KBA with details on how it plans to update the vehicles’ emissions control systems to remove the offending software.
It is not yet clear how many of these vehicles were sold in the UK.
Leigh Day is currently instructed on behalf of vehicle owners whose vehicles have been affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Shazia Yamin, a solicitor in the Consumer Law and Product Safety group, commented “this latest development is very concerning, particularly in light of the assurances provided by Audi last year that the emissions scandal was over and further manipulation could be ruled out. Audi should immediately provide details of where the affected models were sold, so that vehicle owners are made aware of whether their vehicle is implicated”.

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