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Other accidents

Some accidents do not fit neatly into categories of “road traffic accidents”, “clinical negligence”, or “accidents at work”. However, that does not mean that someone may not bear responsibility for what happened. If the injuries are serious, such as a brain or spinal injury, the need to investigate that accident fully and consider a compensation claim, can make a vast difference to the victim and their family.

Owners and occupiers of public places, including local authorities, are under an obligation to make sure that visitors to such premises are safe and not exposed to a risk of injury. Sally Moore represented the families of two people who died when they fell from a giant inflatable art installation that was being displayed in a park in Chester-le-Street.

There are many documented reports of accidents in swimming pools, leisure centres, parks and playgrounds and on badly maintained paths, pavements, footpaths and highways. We acted for the family of an eight year old child who suffered a serious brain injury when he fell off a ride at a rugby club dinner, recovering millions of pounds in compensation to meet his care needs.

Even tripping and slipping cases can have catastrophic consequences, whether at railway or underground stations, in shops and restaurants, or in a private residence. We recovered a seven figure sum for Jane Sowerby when she tripped and fractured her spine on steps leading from a friend’s flat.

Our team of specialist personal injury lawyers has extensive experience in handling compensation claims for people who have suffered catastrophic injuries, including severe brain and spinal injuries. If you have sustained a serious injury which may be someone else’s fault, whether they are wholly or only partly at fault, you may have a claim. We have an experienced team who will assess the merits of your claim and help you through the process. We will be happy to have an informal initial chat with you by telephone and advise you what can be done.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.