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Asbestos lawyer expresses concerns over Trump’s thoughts on asbestos safety

Asbestos lawyer Vijay Ganapathy expresses concern over US President’s comments on the safety of asbestos

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As Donald Trump continues his presidency, many remain concerned about what radical policies he may implement. Many hoped the statements he made during his election campaign were just false promises designed to attract votes. 

However, Mr Trump has already started to introduce some of his controversial reforms.  Whilst his election campaign was dominated by statements on controversial topics such as immigration, many are equally concerned about his thoughts on other matters, including the safety of asbestos.  

In his book published in 1997  entitled ‘The Art of the Comeback’ Trump claimed the concerns raised over asbestos were led by “the mob” as companies with links to these criminal organisations were engaged in asbestos removal and so were seeking to profit from the same. 

He claimed asbestos was an “incredible fire – proofing material”.

In a tweet in 2012, he claimed the world trade centre would not have collapsed had asbestos not been replaced with non-asbestos alternatives. 

However, it is understood that about 400 tonnes of asbestos were still in the world trade centre buildings when the disaster occurred.

Since 2004, a bill which many worry could delay and lower payments to asbestos sufferers has been stalled.  However, given Trump’s views on asbestos in the past, there is concern that this bill will now receive approval. 

Those fears have been exacerbated by the prospect of asbestos-containing products entering the UK post-Brexit as the UK looks to secure trade deals with the US.  

At the moment Britain has a total ban on the importation and sale of products that contain asbestos. However, many worry that future trade deals with the US could see products containing up to 1% asbestos entering the country. 

Leigh Day mesothelioma lawyer, Vijay Ganapathy said:

“There is concern that in its desperation to sign trade deals with Donald Trump the UK could be forced to lower safety standards around asbestos.

“Having represented many who suffer with asbestos disease, the statements made by Mr Trump are deeply upsetting. 

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence concerning the harm exposure to asbestos causes. Many have developed mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lungs considered to be only caused by asbestos. 

“As with the other asbestos diseases, the options for treatment are quite limited.

“I hope that President Trump will take on board the considerable scientific evidence and accounts of sufferers which show the horrific effects of asbestos exposure.”

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