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Coroners Court Sign Large
Legal Aid inquest Inquests

Inquests: Legal aid hope for bereaved families facing the ‘wild west of the law’?

Merry Varney and Caleb Bawdon examine why non-means tested public funding for bereaved families at inquests is urgently needed and what it may mean for families.

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Sewing Machine 1
sexual exploitation Consumer

Sexual exploitation in supply chains: what can consumers do?

Liberty Bridge and Samantha Freeze discuss what consumers can do to combat sexual exploitation in supply chains.

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Data Picture
Product safety Cryptocurrencies Consumer law

Cryptocurrencies and their validity in the markets

Kamran Vojdani and Jonathan Garvey discuss the market in cryptocurrencies.

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Breast Implants
Product liability Consumer Consumer law Consumer safety breast

PIP breast implant scandal ruling in French court

Zahra Nanji explains the important French legal case about PIP breast implants and where that leaves women similarly affected in the UK

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Female cashier and customer at supermarket checkout
Employment rights Equal pay Discrimination

“Now Dear, Don’t Get Emotional it’s Only Money”

My blog ‘Might I have a Word?’ hit a few nerves. It seems almost without exception, women are a little nervous about starting the pay conversation.

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BCA Driver Image (1)
Employment Gig Economy BCA

‘Every day is a new battle, and you always lose’: BCA driver reveals the toxic environment working for the UK’s largest used vehicle marketplace

Sam Bridge* worked as a driver for British Car Auctions (BCA) during the UK’s third lockdown. Here, he explains why it’s important to him that drivers are given workers’ status.

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Woman Looking Out The Window
Brain injury social isolation

Overcoming isolation following a brain injury

To highlight Action for Brain Injury Week, Fiona Huddleston, associate solicitor in our healthcare team, discusses social isolation after brain injury with Ana Maria Heseltine, Occupational Therapist and Care Expert at Bush & Co.

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BCA Driver Image
Employment Gig Economy BCA

What you should know about the BCA workers’ rights claim

Here, solicitor Gabriel Morrison explains workers’ rights and what it means to be involved in the BCA drivers claim.

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Covid Secure Office
employment Coronavirus Covid-19 public inquiry

Covid public inquiry - what employment issues should be examined?

Employment solicitor Ryan Bradshaw discusses the employment and discrimination issues we think should be covered by the upcoming public inquiry into the covid crisis.

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Taking Pills
Product safety Consumer law cumberlege review

Cumberlege Review: where are we now?

Zahra Nanji considers what progress has been made with Baroness Cumberlege’s recommendations following the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review which reported almost a year ago.

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Listeria Food Safety
Food safety listeria

Food safety lessons to be learned from fatal listeria outbreak

Michelle Victor and Charlotte Tapang discuss what still needs to change to keep people safe in the event of an outbreak of listeria.

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Airplane With Orange Sky
Travel holiday traffic light system government foreign travel

The holiday traffic light system – can I go abroad this year?

Head of our travel litigation team, Clare Campbell, answers some of your questions regarding the new rules and regulations for foreign travel for English consumers.