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Smart Motorway
Road traffic collisions Road safety

Should we ban hands-free calls while driving?

Personal injury solicitor, Claire Spearpoint, comments on the recent report by the Transport Select Committee on the use of hands-free mobile phones, and the suggestion that there should be tougher restrictions on their use

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transgender, LGBT
Product safety Cosmetics Brexit

Our beauty routines post-Brexit: Will anything really change?

Tina Patel from the product safety and consumer law team discusses the possible effects of Brexit on cosmetics regulations in the UK

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Woman Looking Out The Window
Clinical negligence Stillbirth

Baby Loss Awareness Week: Questions and Answers on Stillbirth

For Baby Loss Awareness Week, Nandi Jordan, solicitor in the clinical negligence department answers some common questions parents may have when they have suffered the loss of a baby through Stillbirth.

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Troubled Teen
Clinical negligence Inquests Mental Health

World Mental Health Day 2019

Today is World Mental Health Day, which encourages people all over the world to take the time to reflect upon their own mental health, talk about it with others and end the stigma attached to mental health issues.

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Many candles
Clinical negligence Baby loss awareness week Stillbirth

Baby Loss Awareness Week - we've come so far but we hope for more

Solicitor Lauren Tully, who represents parents who have lost their babies due to medical negligence, discusses the importance of Baby Loss Awareness Week in bringing the topic into focus

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london skyline
International Corporate accountability

The Revised Draft: Access to judicial remedy for victims of multinationals' abuse

Victims need legal funds to ensure access to justice, writes lawyer Richard Meeran

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Clinical negligence

​Listening without prejudice - why doctors need to listen and act on patients' concerns

Nandi Jordan, solicitor in the clinical negligence team writes about why it is important for doctors to listen and act on patients' concerns

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Product safety consumer law Emissions Volkswagen

German Volkswagen trial: how does it differ from the UK legal claim?

Head of the consumer law and product safety department Bozena Michalowska comments on the beginning of the German trial against Volkswagen in relation to the emissions scandal

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women vaping
Vaping Product safety

E-cigarettes: are the recent health concerns the tip of the iceberg?

Product liability solicitors Gene Matthews and Suha Lewis discuss new safety concerns around vaping

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Older Worried Woman
Menopause Montgomery Consent

Menopause, Montgomery and informed consent

Health lawyer Suzanne White welcomes the fact that women are starting to talk about the menopause after years of silence on the subject.

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Baby With Drip In Foot
Clinical negligence Newborn screening

Newborn Screening Awareness Month 2019

Stephen Clarkson and Celia Hewitt, of the clinical negligence team based in Manchester, discuss the importance of newborn screening in their blog for Newborn Screening Awareness Month.

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USA, New York City, Brooklyn, woman with cell phone standing at the waterfront
Travel claims

6 Bizarre US Travel Laws You Need to be Aware of

Around 3.8 million Brits visit the US each year, but many visitors are unfamiliar with the country's laws - which vastly differ on a state level