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​Investment mis-selling and negligent financial advice

If you have been mis-sold an investment product, the investment losses can have a devastating impact on you, especially if you were relying on the investment to help fund your retirement.

Financial advisors owe their clients a duty of care to exercise reasonable skill and care when recommending products. Recommended products should be suitable for the investor’s needs. Investors need to be adequately warned of the risks involved in particular investments. Sometimes what appear to be good investment opportunities turn out to be sophisticated scams.

Companies that sell or promote investments, including banks, must not misrepresent the benefits and risks of investment products. If they do, this can amount to civil fraud. Where possible, our lawyers will fight to recover money lost by victims.

Current cases

Our team is currently pursuing a multi-million pound fraud claim on behalf of a group of individuals who bought property in the United States, relying on alleged misrepresentations made by a UK property investment company and its director. Many of the claimants invested to support their retirement but suffered devastating losses.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.