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Case Study
Car exhaust fumes
Jaguar Diesel emissions claims

Jaguar Land Rover emissions claim (1)

Leigh Day is investigating a potential group claim against Jaguar Land Rover over allegations that certain diesel vehicles contain “cheat devices” that enable them to cheat emissions tests.

Case Study
Computer Keyboard
Data breach

MoD Afghan interpreter data breach claim

Contact our data breach team today to start your claim

Case Study
Amazon Courier
Amazon Gig Economy Group claims

Amazon driver claim

Leigh Day are acting for Amazon delivery drivers who may be entitled to over £15,000 in compensation. If you have driven for Amazon via a Delivery Service Partner (DSP) you may be able to join the claim.

Recent client stories

Client Story
surgery Human rights Group claims Transgender rights

Delays in gender affirming surgeries - Matthew's story

“My confidence has disappeared”: the reality of dealing with delays to gender affirming surgeries

Client Story
Human rights Transgender rights Group claims surgery

Delays in gender affirming surgery - Oliver's story

Trans man “appalled and disgusted” by delays to gender affirming surgeries.

Client Story
Rushing Nurses
Day One Personal injury

Life-changing injury - David's story

A man became trapped between two vehicles when he was hit by a 16-year-old uninsured driver, resulting in an above-the-knee amputation and a three month stay in hospital.

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