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Asbestos claims in Plymouth and the South West

The counties of Cornwall and Devon have a long industrial history – particularly in mining, shipbuilding, engineering and construction. This makes it an area where exposure to asbestos was common for many workers over the previous decades, leading to an increase in Asbestos related diseases in Plymouth and the wider region.

Many famous ships were built at the Appledore shipyard in North Devon – such as HMS Echo – while Cornwall and Devon have large dockyards at Falmouth and Plymouth. Despite this proud record, some of Devon and Cornwall’s industries have left a terrible legacy of asbestos related diseases in the region. 

Health and Safety Executive figures conclude that more than 1,700 people in Devon and Cornwall have died of mesothelioma since 1981. Some of the latest Office for National Statistics figures show that 250 people in Devon and Cornwall died of mesothelioma between 2013 and 2015. 

If you or a loved one believe you were exposed to asbestos when working in and around the Plymouth and South West region, which has led to any kind of related disease, you may have a claim for asbestos compensation. 

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Asbestos sources in Plymouth

There are many workplaces where asbestos was in common use in Plymouth and across the South West. Such a prevalence of asbestos has resulted in the region having the sixth highest rate of male deaths from mesothelioma in the UK. 
Asbestos was used for various purposes in different industries all over the South West before its dangers were understood. If you, or a loved one, have developed a disease such as mesothelioma, asbestosis or pleural thickening in Plymouth or the wider region, even if it was caused by exposure at work many years ago, you may still be eligible to make a claim. 
The places where asbestos use was most prevalent include: 


Falmouth and Plymouth are home to famous dockyards, including the Devonport Royal Dockyard. Dockworkers were exposed to asbestos as it was used extensively in the pipes and boilers, due to its heat resistant and non-flammable properties. 
Dockworkers could have been exposed by breathing in the fibres during their daily work. Their families may also have been affected through secondary exposure from being around the fibres on clothing at home. 


The highest rates of pleural thickening and mesothelioma are those associated with the shipbuilding industry. Asbestos was widely used at all stages of the construction process for its insulation and heat resistant properties at places such as the Appledore shipyard in Devon.
Plants and machinery were covered with asbestos lagging for insulation purposes. Sheets of asbestos were also used to line cabins and other areas on ships, meaning all different types of roles within the shipbuilding industry could be affected. 


Asbestos was used extensively in many environments where engineers worked across the South West. Engineers may not have been directly exposed to asbestos, but they could have supervised or worked closely with others who were, putting them at risk through secondary exposure. This includes:
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Stationary engineers 
  • Heating engineers
  • Electrical engineers


In the construction trade, asbestos was used in many different materials. This included ceiling tiles, floor tiles, Artex, corrugated roof sheets, and lagging for insulating pipework and boilers.
The construction industry in Plymouth and the South West employed many workers of different occupations who may have been exposed to asbestos when on or offsite. These included:
  • Joiners
  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Boilermakers
  • Labourers
  • Fitters
  • Welders
  • Painters
  • Electricians
  • Ceiling fitters

Bringing an asbestos claim in Plymouth

For more than 30 years, our personal injury team have worked to secure the compensation our clients are entitled to for a wide range of claims. Our specialist team work tirelessly and with compassion to support you through this difficult period. 

To start your compensation claim, one of our expert lawyers will assess your case and determine whether you have a claim. They will then help and support you in taking the next steps to pursue compensation, including gathering evidence to support your case. 
Our personal injury experts are specialists in securing asbestos and mesothelioma compensation in Plymouth and the South West. 

Contact Leigh Day in Plymouth and the South West

Speak to Daniel Easton or Ewan Tant about your claim. We will happily visit you at home or in hospital to discuss your case where needed:

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