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Our credentials in medical negligence

How do I know you can help me with a clinical negligence case?

Our success rate is very high. Leigh Day is listed in Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession and The Legal 500 as the leading firm for representing claimants in clinical negligence cases.   

Our lawyers are members of professional bodies such as Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and some of them sit on specialist committees of these organisations.  Nine of our solicitors are on the Law Society's national panel of specialist claimant clinical negligence solicitors and/or the referral panel of Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA).

We believe we have the largest department of specialist claimant clinical negligence lawyers in any firm in the country.  Many members of our department also hold medical qualifications.  We have a nurse working in the department and two chartered accountants.  This means that we have very broad and diverse experience, can easily share information and work together when we need to on difficult or novel issues.

Common questions about clinical negligence claims

Question: I have been told to instruct one of your solicitors in particular because they are very experienced in my sort of case. Can you guarantee this solicitor will personally be dealing with my case? Can I choose which solicitor deals with my case?

Answer: We will try to make sure that this happens.  Sometimes however, it turns out that another solicitor in the firm is better qualified to help.  Sometimes, the solicitor to whom you have referred does not have capacity to take on your case.  We always ensure that cases are dealt with by suitably experienced solicitors.

Some people prefer to deal with a solicitor of the same sex for whatever reason. If this is the case, please let us know.  We are always sympathetic to this sort of request.

Question: Can a senior partner handle my case? Can a junior solicitor handle my case to keep costs to a minimum?

Answer: Clinical negligence claims are very usually complex.  At this firm junior solicitors do not manage cases alone. Qualified solicitors work as assistants to a more senior solicitor on the senior solicitor's cases so that they can learn from them.  An assistant solicitor will not be allowed to manage their own cases until we are satisfied that he or she has the necessary knowledge and experience and feels confident to take on their own cases, usually at 3-4 years post qualification.  All solicitors (assistants, senior solicitors and partners) are supervised.  Whichever solicitor has day to day responsibility for your case, you will know that solicitor's name and you will also know the name of the partner who has responsibility for supervising that solicitor's work.
We are very conscious of costs and we aim to provide an efficient service by ensuring that appropriately qualified and experienced staff deal with the appropriate aspects of the case.  In all cases there are some tasks that can be carried out by other people in the department regardless of which solicitor is managing the case.  For example, the task of sorting out medical records and some preliminary research into the medical issues will be carried out by a nurse.  More complex medical issues may be delegated to a solicitor who is medically qualified. Dealing with complicated financial information may be delegated to one of our chartered accountants.

Question: Someone I know is a lawyer/doctor.  Can s/he be involved and do some of the work involved to keep the costs down?

Answer: We welcome all input on a case.  There are some tasks that you and your friends or relations will be able to help with and this may help keep costs down.    It is important to remember that clinical negligence work is highly specialised work and that most lawyers do not have experience of it. 

Likewise, most doctors do not know what is involved in medico-legal work.  It is vitally important that the medical expert evidence we rely on in your case is independent and this means that we would not, for example, instruct a medically qualified friend or relation to give evidence about the case. 

Question: I have been badly injured and find it difficult to travel. But I need a specialist solicitor, rather than my local firm. Can you visit me at home or in hospital?

Answer: Yes.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.