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Pre-natal diagnosis

The clinical negligence department has dealt with a number of compensation claims for clinical negligence following “missed” genetic diagnosis of a family-specific inherited disease.

Genetic tests are sometimes performed on adults and children, and occasionally they are done during pregnancy to see if a fetus is affected. The test may be carried out to look for the presence of a disease, or it may be to see if the person being tested is a ‘carrier’; that is, they do not have the disease, but might be able to pass the disease to their children.

An accurate genetic diagnosis of an inherited (familial) disease, despite the support of properly trained counsellors, can be devastating for a family. But a ‘missed’ (or inaccurate) diagnosis can often have worse consequences.

Our team is experienced in investigating and pursuing claims involving genetic diseases, and has previously obtained compensation for clients whose genetic testing has been either wrongly carried out or wrongly reported.

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