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Leigh Day represents members of the Bodo community in a claim against Shell Petroleum Development Company (Nigeria) Ltd (“SPDC”).   This is the first time that Shell or any oil company has faced claims in the UK from a community from the developing world for environmental damage caused by its oil extraction operations.

Following two enormous oil spills that occurred in Bodo in late 2008, the Bodo community has been devastated.  Bodo is an environmentally sensitive area and the way of life of the local people depends on the natural environment. Community members are no longer able to fish locally to make a living: their livelihoods, as well as their environment, have been ruined.  Despite the fact that years have passed since the oil spills, no serious efforts have been made to clean up the oil spill or to compensate the devastated Bodo community.

Leigh Day is bringing a claim in the High Court to ensure that members of the Bodo community receive adequate compensation for the damage caused by the oil spills and to ensure that the Bodo area is properly cleaned up and remediated.

The claims are being brought by Leigh Day on behalf of individuals who have been affected by the oil spills, and on behalf of the Bodo community as a whole.

December 2014: Niger Delta community accept £55m compensation deal from Shell

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