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Cerebral palsy and birth injury solicitors

Poor obstetric treatment during a birth, or lack of diagnosis of a baby with birth defects could be grounds for a clinical negligence claim.
Common problems with which our specialist birth injury claim lawyers have experience in achieving claims for compensation include difficult labour leading to oxygen deprivation and cerebral palsy in the newborn baby; negligent interpretation of CTG scans; problems following Caesarean section, following forceps or vacuum delivery; failed sterilisation; brachial plexus injury following shoulder dystocia; negligent episiotomy, problems in the ante natal period such as pre-eclampsia; bladder or bowel or ureter injury during gynaecological operations; complications of hysterectomy operations; problems with infertility treatments and complications of twin pregnancy.

Our solicitors in London and Manchester have also successfully settled claims for compensation on behalf of women who have been injured in labour and whose injuries have been missed, misdiagnosed or mistreated.

If you consider you had a badly handled labour and delivery or any negligent ante-natal care or your baby wasn't properly cared for after birth, and your child has cerebral palsy you may have a claim for your child which deserves compensation.

The medical negligence team at Leigh Day has also successfully concluded several cases where - because amniocentesis was not properly conducted - the amniocentesis needle has entered the fetal brain, causing severe brain damage.  Our specialist obstetric litigation lawyers have also acted successfully for clients where pre-natal genetic tests have been misdiagnosed.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.