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Cerebral palsy - Jack's story

Jack Massara
We haven’t the words to describe what relief this settlement brings. It’s been such a pleasure having Leigh Day on Jack’s side. Thank you for never giving up on him. – Jack's parents, photo by Merlin Massara

Jack Massara was born at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in June 1997 and because his birth was mismanaged he suffered severe brain damage when his brain was starved of oxygen for nearly 20 minutes. 

The midwife in charge of his delivery failed to carry out an episiotomy on Jack’s mother, Karita, which would have allowed him to be born more quickly.  Once he was born Jack failed to breathe for three minutes while he underwent resuscitation. If he had been born only 10 minutes earlier he would probably have escaped brain damage entirely. 

Jack’s parents approached Russell Levy at Leigh Day to bring a claim against Chelsea and Westminster hospital and Russell was able to secure a very significant settlement for Jack of a lump sum of £850,000 plus inflation-linked annual payments of £100,000 until he is 19, and £200,000 for every year of his life thereafter. The compensation Jack received has allowed his parents to cover the cost of Jack’s care and special needs for the rest of his life.

Jack is unable to stand or walk unaided and has very limited speech and needs full-time care for life but suffered no damage to his intellect and is able to understand his disability.

Jack now attends a mainstream school.  Despite his brain damage and disabilities, Jack is very keen on skateboarding and skiing.  The clip below (courtesy Merlin Massara) shows that he continues to extract as much out of life as he possibly can!

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