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Andrew's story

Andrew Brown
Russell Levy has a huge wealth of experience and is praised for his constructive approach to litigation. – Chambers UK - independent guide to legal profession
Andrew Brown, a successful former CNN correspondent, successfully sued his surgeon after he was operated on for the removal of a tumour from his spinal cord. Andrew received compensation of £4.5 million after being left disabled and a wheelchair user.

Two days after going through spinal cord surgery Andrew complained of severe pain in his neck which promoted a junior doctor to contact Andrew’s neurosurgeon, David Sandeman, to report that he could no longer feel his hands and feet. However, Sandeman did not return to his patient and could not be contacted for over three hours.  In the meantime, a blood clot had formed between Andrew’s spinal cord and his vertebrae expanded dramatically, causing critical nerve damage which within hours had left Andrew quadriplegic and fighting for his life.

Andrew’s lawyer, Russell Levy, head of the clinical negligence team, built up a strong case against the neurosurgeon and his insurers, which culminated in a multi-million pound award of damages. 

Andrew is mostly confined to a wheelchair though he can walk short distances with crutches.  He suffers from chronic neuropathic pain which makes it impossible for him to lead a normal life.

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