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Leigh Day settles Sanex deodorant chemical burn case

Consumer claims lawyer Thomas Jervis settles claim for woman who was left with scars after using a deodorant

Posted on 23 September 2013

A woman who claims she received chemical burns and scarring after using a roll-on deodorant has settled her claim against the manufacturers Colgate-Palmolive.

Lawyers from the product liability team at Leigh Day acted on behalf of Mrs Jarrett, who alleged that she developed chemical burns and scarring after using Sanex Zero% 48hr Extra Effective 50ml roll-on deodorant for the first time.

The case followed media reports that similar injuries had been experienced by other individuals who had used Sanex products:

Consumer claims lawyer Thomas Jervis, who represented Mrs Jarrett said: “This lady should have been able to expect that an everyday product such as a deodorant was safe for use, and that she would not end up with scarring.  We hope that lessons have been learnt to prevent incidents like this in the future.”