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Travel claims

Travelling abroad – What to do if you are injured on an airplane

Travel law specialists Clare Campbell and Caitlin Dunn discuss the legal rights and protections afforded to airplane travellers

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abuse child abuse IICSA Report

IICSA Investigation Report into child protection in religious organisations

Head of our Abuse team, Alison Millar, discusses the recent report from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) regarding child protection in religious organisations and settings

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Coronavirus Despair Copy
Regulatory Regulatory and disciplinary regulation Employment ethics

Entity regulation, employment and ethics – getting it right

Gideon Habel looks at a recent case in the Employment Tribunal and considers the impact COVID-19 has had, not just on law firms, but also on the individuals working in the sector.

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Defocussed Hospital Corridor
maternity Maternity Services

Maternity safety scandals across the NHS – have any lessons been learned?

Suzanne White looks at the maternity safety scandals across the NHS and considers if any lessons have been learnt.

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Blurred Child (1)
IICSA Report Lambeth Council

IICSA Report into abuse at Lambeth Council does not go far enough

Alison Millar examines the IICSA Report into the experience of children in the care of Lambeth Council and considers why it does not go far enough

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Two Men Shaking Hands
Ernst & Young parent company liability

Held to account home & away

Paul Dowling reports on a recent case of parent company liability & the treatment of overseas workers

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Uber Driver
Addison Lee Employment Workers rights

‘New deal’ or raw deal: what does Addison Lee’s new offering really mean for drivers?

Addison Lee has recently introduced a ‘new deal’ for drivers, but what exactly does this mean? Here, Liana Wood, a solicitor in the employment team, explains.

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Supermarket Worker
Equal Pay Now Employment Equal pay Workers rights

Workplace issues: How the pandemic has highlighted the problem of violence against shop floor workers

Emma Satyamurti, discusses calls on the government to make attacks against shop floor workers a specific criminal offence.

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Cars Queuing
Consumer law diesel emissions vehicle emissions Emissions claims

Consumer group actions: a vital pathway to corporate accountability

Shazia Yamin, a partner in the Product Safety and Consumer Law team, discusses how consumer group actions are being used to hold corporations to account following allegations of vehicle emission test cheating and why further regulatory action is necessary.

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Scales Of Justice
International SLAPPs

Resisting SLAPPs: Challenging corporations who weaponise the law

Rebecca Swan and Lauren Chaplin discuss recent moves to halt the use of SLAPPs.

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US Supreme Court

Nestlé USA v Doe: US Supreme Court bucks trend

Alex Wessely discusses a US Supreme Court ruling that it lacked jurisdiction in a case alleging links between Nestlé and Cargill and child slave labour.

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Regulatory Regulatory and disciplinary

We need to talk about fitness to practise

Emma Walker discusses the role of a fitness to practise regime in the solicitor profession and why we need to talk about it.