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Recent medical negligence success stories

Recent success stories for our clients mean that they can use the compensation they receive to buy the best possible equipment, care  and accommodation that it available to help them to adjust to life after medical negligence. These summaries represent only a few of the cases we have settled in the last 12 months.

Hospital: Oxford Nuffield Orthopeadic Centre
Compensation: 5-figure sum

A young woman was left with permanent sensation loss when spinal surgery to correct her scoliosis went wrong.

Hospital: West Middlesex Hospital & Charing Cross Hospital
Compensation: 7-figure sum

A 41 year old woman received a 7 figure sum of compensation when she suffered a stroke that was not diagnosed or treated appropriately.

Hospital Trust: Confidential
Compensation: 6-figure sum

A young mother received a six-figure sum of compensation when she suffered a perineal injury during a forceps delivery.

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Compensation: £5.1m + index-lined annual payments for life  

A 10 year old boy was left severely disabled when his spinal cord was damaged during his delivery by forceps.

Hospital: Barnet Hospital
Compensation: 5-figure sum

A delay to the treatment of a man's bladder cancer led to his widow receiving a five-figure sum of compensation.

Hospital Trust: Confidential
Compensation: 7-figure sum

A mother of four, now a wheelchair user who suffers significant pain, received compensation when her skin condition pyoderma gangrenosum was misdiagnosed and treated.

Northwick Park Hospital
Compensation: 5-figure sum

Puspa Monji died of pneumonia when a nasogastric tube was incorrectly positioned and delivered feed into her lung instead of stomach. The whole sum of compensation is being used for charitable causes in Puspa's name.

Private pathologist
Compensation: Interim award

A young mother received compensation when her Hodgkin's lymphoma was missed when she was pregnant. 

New Hall Hospital, Salisbury
Compensation: 6-figure sum

A man underwent a negligent hip replacement procedure and suffered with a malpositioned and unstable hip for years before the error was corrected.

West Middlesex Hospital
Compensation: 8-figure sum

A significant eight-figure sum for a nine year old girl who was deprived of oxygen during an attempted forceps delivery.

Charing Cross Hospital
Compensation: 6-figure sum

A six-figure settlement for a 67 year old woman who suffered a stroke after an x-ray machine malfunctioned during an angiogram procedure.

West London NHS Trust
Compensation: £750,000

A woman suffered lithium toxicity when her lithium levels were not monitored  leading to an overdose, admission to hospital and time in intensive care.

Barnet Hospital
Compensation: £1 million

The failure by medical staff on a labour ward to diagnose and treat sepsis led to the death of a mother soon after giving birth to her second child.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.