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Childhood illness and injury claims

Living with a serious ill child or baby will be an extremely stressful experience for families.

When your child is ill you want to be reassured that they are receiving the best possible care from their treating medical staff, whether in hospital or at home.

If medical professionals make mistakes which injure your child you need to know that you can turn to supportive and knowledgeable lawyers who can support you through a clinical negligence claim where that is appropriate.

The medical negligence teams in London and Manchester have unparalleled experience in supporting families through the legal process.

The area of medicine concerned with child health is known as paediatrics.  

However, paediatrics can also be very different from adult medicine because children can have illnesses that are not necessarily found in adults, including congenital and inherited diseases, and infectious childhood diseases.

There can also be complex issues involving consent and legal responsibility that may not arise in adult medicine. 

Clinical negligence cases involving children can be diverse and complex. 

Probably the most common clinical negligence cases involving children are claims involving neurological or brain injury causing cerebral palsy. 

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.