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Amputation claims from medical negligence

This page is about amputation claims due to medical negligence. For amputation claims after an accident or personal injury, visit our amputation and limb loss page. 

Amputation claims from medical negligence cover the loss of a limb due to avoidable errors by a medical professional or body. 

Only a small number of amputations are the result of clinical negligence. However, the failure of medical staff to properly identify and treat symptoms could lead to a limb being amputated – with sometimes devastating mental and physical consequences. 

If you’ve suffered the life changing consequences of an amputation because of medical negligence, you’ll want to know that your legal team understands your needs and will support you at every stage of your claim.

Our skilled and experienced solicitors have experience securing compensation for clients that they can use to improve their quality of life. 

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When does amputation from medical negligence occur?

Medical negligence can cause an amputation due to misdiagnosis by your GP, a surgical error and various other situations, such as:

Further causes of amputation due to medical negligence could include surgeons operating in the wrong area, incorrect treatment of fractures that causes tissue damage or failing to identify or diagnose deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or other problems with your veins or arteries.  

Whatever the medical error, if it means you have to lose a limb, - in what was an avoidable amputation, you may have a claim. 

Making a medical negligence amputation claim

If you’ve had a limb, amputated and believe it was a result of medical negligence, contact our team of expert medical negligence lawyers who will provide a free consultation. They’ll listen to your story and advise on whether your claim should be investigated. 

Our solicitors can support you throughout the process of a claim, using their years of experience to help appoint appropriate experts, such as prosthetists for example. Our team agree to take your case, they’ll then advise you on the best next steps.
Often this will involve gathering evidence to support any amputation claim, such as:
  • Medical records and documents about your injury and losses
  • Witness statements
  • Financial records
For your free consultation and to find out if you have a strong claim:
Call 020 7650 1200 or

Compensation for amputation caused by medical negligence

How much compensation you could receive for an arm, leg or any other amputation due to medical negligence will vary depending on the specifics of your case. 
There are three main areas where an amputation might occur, each one presenting its own challenges and costs that can be reflected in the amount of compensation awarded.
  • Leg and/or foot – Usually requires the use and costs of a prosthetic leg and/ or wheelchair. You may need therapy to avoid further problems. Compensation can also cover loss of earnings, adaptations required to your home, and additional expenses due to your injury
  • Arm and/or hand – Amputation of your dominant hand is seen as more severe and often reflected with greater compensation. This is because you might need to re-learn how to write, drive, carry items and do other tasks. It can also affect your job role and earnings.
  • Toe or finger – Losing a toe can affect your balance, ability to walk and run. Finger and thumb amputations will reduce your ability to grip items. Which toe or finger is amputated can affect the amount of compensation as losing certain ones has a more serious impact.  
Some of our clients have used their compensation to:
  • Buy better quality prosthetic limbs than are usually available on the NHS
  • Access rehabilitation and therapy
  • Adapt their homes or move to new accommodation
  • Purchase specialist equipment (such as specially adapted cars)

Why choose Leigh Day?

At Leigh Day, our expert team has more than 30 years’ experience dealing with amputation claims based on clinical negligence. 
Some examples of successful claims our team have settled for amputations following clinical negligence include:
  • £1.2m for a young woman whose left leg was amputated above the knee. She attended a walk-in medical clinic where she was diagnosed as suffering from a sore throat. In fact, she was suffering from an infection, which developed into staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome, leaving her leg with an insufficient blood supply.
  • Obtaining significant compensation for a client who suffered amputation of his dominant left arm as a result of the negligent treatment of sarcoma cancer. 
  • Settling a case on behalf of a successful businessman who went to his GP complaining of pain and pins and needles in his left calf following exercise. The GP diagnosed a trapped nerve and didn’t refer him to a vascular surgeon. He eventually had to undergo an above the knee amputation when his artery became blocked.
Contact Leigh Day to discuss your medical negligence amputation claim. Telephone 020 7650 1200 or

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