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Mr M's story

Mr M
It is fantastic to now be looking to the future with our client and how his damages will make such a massive difference to his life and to his family.  – Daniel Easton, partner

Mr M was driving a JCB on a construction site when it toppled over crushing his lower body and right arm. He suffered catastrophic injuries and spent over 11 months in hospital undergoing treatment for complicated pelvic injuries and serious crush injuries to both legs and his right arm.

Although he was discharged from hospital after his first 12 months, he continued to go in and out of hospital for multiple operations to try to stabilise his injuries. One of the consultants working on his case described his injuries as being “at the limit of what even a young person can survive”.

Mr M has been left permanently reliant on a wheelchair, although he can now manage to walk a short distance with a frame.

Mr M’s capability with his mobility and hobbies (including woodwork, fishing and gardening) are testament to his determination and the devoted time and care that his mother has spent looking after him and assisting him with physiotherapy exercises. Mr M was represented by spinal injuries specialist Daniel Easton who was able to secure compensation of £2.5m for his client which has allowed him to move to new accommodation. At his old home, he was unable to even fit his wheelchair through the front door, or to safely manoeuvre in the house. His damages will ensure that he can receive adequate professional care and equipment and remove some of the burden from his mother.

Mr M is hopeful that in the future, he will be able to use his woodwork and fishing skills to his own benefit, and is looking to use his compensation to buy a smallholding where he can provide disabled fishing facilities for others.

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