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Human rights - Jodey's story

Jodey took her own life after her benefits were unfairly stopped. Jodey's mother, Joy turned to Leigh Day.

Jodey took her own life aged 42 in February 2017. She had multiple physical and mental illnesses which left her housebound and entirely reliant on welfare benefits. She died a fortnight after her benefits were terminated because she did not attend a Work Capability Assessment. At the time of the assessment, Jodey was housebound with pneumonia, had been in hospital, and had found out that she had a cyst on the brain.

Jodey's mother, Joy Dove, turned to Leigh Day for help. Leigh Day fought on Joy's behalf, taking her case for a fresh inquest into Jodey's death to the high court. After a four-year legal fight, the campaign for a second inquest was won.



Leigh Day strive to ensure that individuals facing similar challenges have access to the legal and emotional support they deserve to seek resolution and reclaim their rights.



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