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Jane and Chelsey's story

Sally was absolutely brilliant. Whenever I or my mum had a problem we could ring her up and speak to her.

In April 2006, Jane received a knock on the door late one evening and was faced with a police officer advising her that her 16 year old daughter, Chelsey, had been involved in a road crash and that the fire brigade were cutting her out the vehicle.  At the hospital, the MRI scan revealed that her daughter had a brain haemorrhage in her front temporal lobe which is the area of the brain that affects an individual’s personality.

Jane had been advised to appoint a solicitor to represent Chelsey, so she and her husband Keith contacted Leigh Day.  Sally Moore, head of personal injury, visited them at home to discuss their case, explain the process and what could be achieved.  It was a challenging case as medical experts had to determine the change in Chelsey’s personality before and after the road collision and the impact this would have on her life.  The final settlement was paid in one lump sum and is currently managed by a trustee.

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